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Fright Night

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Fright Night: TV Spot - Now Playing Source: TrailerAddict

TV Spot - Now Playing for Fright Night on TrailerAddict.

Fright Night: JKL - Anton Yelchin II Source: TrailerAddict

JKL - Anton Yelchin II for Fright Night on TrailerAddict.

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Jerry Dandrige: Hey, guy. You've been watching me. I've been watching you. Your mom. There's a kind of neglect. Gives off a kind of scent. And your girl? She is ripe. It's on you to look out for them because there are a lot of bad people out there, Charlie.



When Charley and Ed are arguing in the abandoned house, the light switches on the wall next to Ed change positions repeatedly between shots even though neither of the characters ever touch them.



The driver that Jerry kills after the man's car hits Charley's car is portrayed by original Fright Night Actor Chris Sarandon. The ending credits have him listed as "Jay Dee." The initials for Chris Sarandon's character Jerry Dandrige.


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