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The Dark Knight Rises

Audio problem: When the first stock broker is shot, the time between the shot and the recoil is far too long; over half a second, when it should have been instantaneous.

Audio problem: When Batman and Bane are fighting on the bridge, 3 punches before Batman falls over the bridge, he swings a punch at Bane where he misses by far, yet the sound is heard and Bane reacts to it.

Audio problem: When Batman and Catwoman meet at the sewers, the angles of her swap between frontal and side shots. During a side shot, she says the word "slate" but the audio is way out of sync with her lips.

Audio problem: After the military tell Blake that he can't cross the bridge with the kids, he tells the boys to get in the bus. The second time he says it, there's a side angle of Blake where his mouth is not moving at all.

Audio problem: Inside the well, when Bruce is about to take the final leap, the inmates are heard shouting "Rise!" in one single perfect cry, yet when the angle focuses on them no-one's mouth is in sync with the sound. Furthermore, no one's mouth is in sync with the inmate next to him.

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Catwoman: He's behind you.
Mercenary: Who?
Batman: Me.



The fuselage of the plane is hanging straight down when Bane exits with the doctor, but it should be at an angle to the left, as we see when they are dragged behind the bigger plane.



Many of the Gotham Rogues are played by members of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Ben Rothlisberger and Hines Ward can be seen during the pan of the team during the National Anthem. The game is also being played at Heinz Field, home of the Pittsburgh Steelers.