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Factual error: When the super-scrambled monster is destroying the town, everything it destroys falls down completely, despite the fact the monster only hits one side of it.

Continuity mistake: When Garfield unscrambles the monster, the moscram is on super-scramble mode, but when he unscrambles Pet Force super-scramble mode is turned off. Even though there was time to turn it off, you can see Garfield's hands almost the whole time. One of them is holding the moscram and the other one is down on his side.

Audio problem: After he has unscrambled the monster, Garfield says, "Okay", however his mouth does not open.

Continuity mistake: After Garfield says, "Hey, Odie, got tongue?", he makes Odie wrap his stun-tongue around the monster and then ties the tongue. But later Odie's tongue goes back in his mouth, even though it was stuck to the monster.

Continuity mistake: Professor Wally in the background looking at Garzooka when Betty knocks him down. However, when the two Jons say, "Lookin' good" Professor Wally is now looking at Garfield.


Deliberate mistake: When Garzooka goes to Garfield's house, he pounds on the door and it appears as big as him. But after he breaks the door open, the doorway is thinner.

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