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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Continuity mistake: While handcuffed to a chair, Jack tries to grab a cream puff. The napkin on the left alternates between being closer and further away from the dish between shots, and also swaps between being wrinkled to flat.

Continuity mistake: When Angelica is about to tell Jack that she loves him, his position alternates back and forth between being perpendicular to her a meter away, to face to face at half a meter distance.

Continuity mistake: When Angelica is about to take a leap into the cliff, Philip tries to stop her. When the angle changes, he is standing still and running towards her again.

Continuity mistake: During the trial, Jack's hand swaps back and forth between raised in the front shots, to lowered in the back shots.

Continuity mistake: When Jack has each foot on a different carriage, the left side driver's whip extends to the right carriage, yet disappears a frame later.

Continuity mistake: When Angelica and Jack are drinking and talking about the past, the hair bang on her forehead swaps between loose and tucked under the bandana.

Continuity mistake: When the mermaid approaches the pirates' boat after being threatened with a knife, her arm is uncovered in the shot from behind, but covered in hair in the front shot.

Continuity mistake: When Jack is rowing the boat towards the island, Angelica's hair falls over her back, with a mere strand falling over her left shoulder. When the angle changes, all of her hair is now over her left shoulder.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the movie ends, Barbossa is given his hat with no feather. A frame later the feather appears.

Continuity mistake: Jack grabs one of Blackbeard's six guns and shoots it after saying "They ain't loaded". After the explosion, he lowers his head in awe and raises it. A frame later, from a different angle, his head is lowered and he is in the process of raising it again.

Continuity mistake: Jack strands Angelica on an island and tosses a gun on the floor. The gun swaps from laying on an 11 o'clock direction, to a 1 o'clock between shots.

Continuity mistake: When the mermaid is by the tree, the left part of the shirt's collar keeps changing positions, appearing and disappearing between shots.

Continuity mistake: Philip carries the mermaid to the tree's root, kneels down and then stands up. When the angle changes he is in the process of standing up again.

Factual error: After the mermaids scene, when Blackbeard, Jack, and the others start walking through the next island to find the silver chalices, two distinct bird calls can be heard. Both are native to Australia - they are the Magpie Lark, also known as the Peewee, and the other is the Willie Wagtail. Both birds are not found anywhere remotely near the Caribbean.

Other mistake: In the mutiny scene where the cook is torched, the distance between the long boat and the Queen Anne's Revenge increases when the cook is only shown paddling away after the QAR turns towards it.

Continuity mistake: When Blackbeard shows up and hangs Jack upside down, Jack falls on the floor with his hair messed up. As of then, his hairstyle changes between shots despite him not moving.

Continuity mistake: When the castaway is brought to the Spanish king, he raises his hand, but in the very next shot it's lowered.

Continuity mistake: By the big tree, when Philip is talking with the mermaid, a bang of hair by her right temple appears/disappears between shots.

Continuity mistake: During the fight for the chalices, wounded Philip walks towards the mermaid, who is tied around a tree. Her right arm is straight, yet a frame later it's bent.

Continuity mistake: When Blackbeard falls semi-dead, his left arm lays by his side, yet a mere frame later it's extended.

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