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Fast Five

Other mistake: Throughout the entire chase scene at the end, the vault creates sparks on the road. Yet when they get to the bridge, no sparks appear. This cannot be due to the vault being empty at this point, as the vault itself is 10 tonnes, as mentioned earlier in the film.

Continuity mistake: When Dom and the gang burn all the money, they smash one guy pretty good, broken nose and cuts over his face. When this guy explains what happened to Reyes, there are no marks on his face.

Continuity mistake: In the first film, Vince gets his arm caught up in steel wire while hijacking a lorry. We then see he has scars up his arm. However when we first see Vince in this film the scars are no longer present. They then show up again inside the house.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the entire vault chase scene, the condition of Dom and Brian's car windows switch between being damaged and perfectly intact.

Continuity mistake: During the vault chase scene, the vault spins on two separate occasions, tangling the lines in the process. The first time, it is being dragged out of the police station and the second when it destroys half a bank. The lines could not have been untangled, because both times they guys were turning to the right and the vault spins in the same direction.

Continuity mistake: When O'Connor blocks the bus on the two-lane highway with his vehicle, the bus swerves around his car towards the shoulder, clips the right rear of the car, and breaks the vehicle's rear window. In the next shot, the bus reverses angles, flips over the left rear of O'Connor's car nearest the center line, becomes airborne, and then rolls over and over down the center of the highway. If it had continued on its initial trajectory, it would have crushed his vehicle and continued onto the shoulder.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the vault scene, the amount of police cars in pursuit is constantly changing. In one shot you have 4 black and white cars and 2 yellow 4x4's. Next shot the 4x4's have gone.

Continuity mistake: There is one point during the vault scene where a cop is leaning out the passenger window shooting at Brian and Dom while driving down the pavement. However when that car crashes just 2 seconds later, he's not in the window, which has been wound up.

Revealing mistake: When Dom and Brian skid to hook up the safe at the police station, tyre marks are visible on the ground from previous takes.

Continuity mistake: When Hobbs is knocked off his feet by the RPG blast, the amount of dust on his shirt keeps changing.

Continuity mistake: When Hobbs and Dom are fighting, there is a shot where there is a yellow hammer by Dom's head, which disappears instantly.

Revealing mistake: Dom pours petrol over the money to make a point to Reyes. When he does, he pours a small bit on the top and chucks the can away. When he throws the lighter, the entire mound goes up instantly. Even areas with no petrol, and nowhere near the lighter.

Continuity mistake: When the buggy first pulls alongside the train, in the first shot, the train is past the buggy. Camera cuts, and the train is next to the buggy. There is also shot where the buggy is in the sun, but after a cut the train's shadow is over the buggy.

Factual error: When the bus slams into Brian's car at the start, Brian's car doesn't move an inch. Given the speed and weight of the bus, Brian's car should have been shunted a good distance.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Gisele is pointing a gun at Roman, Gisele's finger moves from on the trigger guard to the trigger in different shots.

Audio problem: When Hobbs shoots Reyes, listen closely and you can hear shells falling on the ground - impossible, seeing how Hobbs is using a revolver, which retains the shell casings.

Visible crew/equipment: When Dom gets out his car right at the end, the camera crew are reflected in the door.

Continuity mistake: When Dom cuts Brian's car free at the end, it cuts free from the vault, so he is still dragging the cable. When him and Dom drive off at the end, the cable is gone.

Continuity mistake: When the mini-gun starts shooting at Dom on the bridge, at first we get a shot of a line of bullets hitting the door. In the next shot, the door is fine and the first barrage of bullets hit the bonnet.

Other mistake: In the scene where Toretto and Hobbs are fighting, the fight is so violent that Torettos eyes are run through glass, faces are smashed into concrete and beat endlessly. Yet when the fight is over, the next scene shows both with not so much as a mark on their faces.

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Brian O'Conner: We just went from the middle of the "most wanted" list to the very top.



Hobbs never smiles until the end of the movie.