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Just Go with It

Videos for Just Go with It from Trailer Addict

Just Go with It: DVD Trailer Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Trailer for Just Go with It on TrailerAddict.

Just Go with It: Featurette - Inside Look Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Inside Look for Just Go with It on TrailerAddict.

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Danny: You dropped your...
Joanna Damon: Can I sit for ten seconds without getting hit on?
Danny: I was just going to tell you you dropped your purse.



When Katherine and Danny are putting numbing cream on Mrs Harrington's nipples, they are each using their right hands - one's numbing the left, the other on the right. The close up of Mrs Harrington shows a left and right hand, both on her left breast.



During the scene when Daniel and Katherine and Devlin and Ian are having dinner together at Oceano's, the band playing on stage is called Hapa. They're not actors - they're a real Hawaiian band from Maui. They also appeared on an April 2011 episode of Hawaii 5-0.


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