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Palmer: So Bart, if you could be anyone else, who would it be?
Michael: Mr. Dechesray.
Maggie: Our mailman?
Michael: He just seems to have it all figured out.



In the scene with Adam Sandler, Bailee Madison and Griffin Gluck (the kids) when he is hugging them on the bed in the hotel room his arms are around their backs and his fingers are interlocked when Brooklyn Decker comes in. Then after he tells her he loves her and she turns to leave, the scene returns to him and the kids and shows that his hands are no longer touching and they are spread far apart on the kids' sides.



During the scene when Daniel and Katherine and Devlin and Ian are having dinner together at Oceano's, the band playing on stage is called Hapa. They're not actors - they're a real Hawaiian band from Maui. They also appeared on an April 2011 episode of Hawaii 5-0.


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