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How Do You Know

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How Do You Know: DVD Trailer Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Trailer for How Do You Know on TrailerAddict.

How Do You Know: Featurette - Cast Interviews Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Cast Interviews for How Do You Know on TrailerAddict.

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When Reese Wither-spoon is wearing the red dress going to Owen Wilson's place, there are only the crossover straps of the dress. After she sleeps with Owen Wilson, she puts on a red slip, which has shoe string straps, and then the dress with the cross over straps over the red slip. When she's seen walking the cross over straps and shoestring straps are visible. However, at the next scene, she's no longer wearing the red slip under the red dress as only the cross over straps of the red dress are visible.


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