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Saw 3D

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Saw 3D: DVD Trailer Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Trailer for Saw 3D on TrailerAddict.

Saw 3D: TV Spot - Leading to This Source: TrailerAddict

TV Spot - Leading to This for Saw 3D on TrailerAddict.

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Hoffman: You wanna know the only thing that's wrong with killing you, Jill? I can only do it once.



Most of the blood seen in this film is too light to be considered real human blood. In the public trap it is practically pink. The reason for this is the 3D effect. When watched in 3D, it looks more like normal blood. But in normal viewing, it does look too light.



Like Tanedra Howard won a role in Saw 6, Gabby West won the second season of Scream Queens and is featured in this film. She is Kara, Evan's girlfriend. She is underneath one of the rear wheels of the car in the garage trap.


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