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Continuity mistake: When Michael Keaton is talking to his wife he picks up Froot Loops, then a second later he picks up Cheerios.

Visible crew/equipment: In one scene in the dining room or kitchen with Michael Keaton, you can see the camera with a red light, along with the cameraman, reflected in the glass doors of a china cabinet.

Continuity mistake: When the original Doug brings the concrete worker to fix the house for Laura, Keaton uses a red sweater with a number one on it, and a white t-shirt under; But a couple scenes later, when he is talking to number three Doug and eating a sandwich, the white t-shirt has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Doug brings number 2 home to the guest house, Laura drives up, number 2 pulls up the blinds and they both say hi honey to Laura. Then Doug tackles number 2. Then the guest house is shown from the outside, and the blinds are back down at a slant.


Continuity mistake: When Doug is in the boat and sits up and starts talking about his life, he sits upright against the cushion, but after he says "I wasn't in it", he's leaning back.


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Doug #2: [seeing Doug #1] Is that it?
Dr. Leeds: No. I'm afraid you're it.
Doug #2: What do you mean? I can't be it. You mean, you think I'm the clone?
Dr. Leeds: That's right.
Doug #2: I can't be the clone, I'm me. He's gotta be the clone.
Doug #1: No, see I'm, I'm me. I'm me. I'm me, right.



Michael Keaton is seen wearing a Penn State hate. Keaton was born in Pennsylvania and is a long time resident of Pittsburgh, although Penn State is not his alma mater.


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