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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Videos for A Nightmare on Elm Street from Trailer Addict

A Nightmare on Elm Street: Featurette - Compelling Character Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Compelling Character for A Nightmare on Elm Street on TrailerAddict.

A Nightmare on Elm Street: DVD Bonus - The Glove Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Bonus - The Glove for A Nightmare on Elm Street on TrailerAddict.

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Freddy Krueger: You have nothing to worry about. This wont hurt one, little, bit.



There is a scene at the school, where Quentin and Nancy are talking by the lockers. Quentin is wearing a Joy Division shirt. The jacket he is wearing over the shirt keeps changing depending on whether it's a closeup of Quentin or a shot of both him and Nancy. You can easily tell, as the band's name is partially obscured during closeup and fully revealed when it's further away. This changes back and forth several times during that scene. Quentin doesn't move enough to warrant the jacket changing so noticeably.



When Nancy is drowning in the blood, the blood breaks through the floor to pour into the bedroom downstairs. This is a tribute to the original's famous bed-death scene where Johnny Depp is slaughtered by Freddy, causing the room to be drenched in his blood.


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