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Miss Congeniality

Other mistake: When Stan and Kathy call out the Top 10, they only call out 7 names, leaving out Miss Nebraska, Miss Vermont and Miss Ohio, who are also part of the Top 10.

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Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when Miss Rhode Island is crowned Gracie tries to take the crown from her. Miss Rhode Island beats her with her bouquet of roses. All of the blossoms are knocked off of the stems. A few seconds later when Gracie is fighting Miss Texas the blossoms are back on the roses that Cheryl, Miss Rhode Island is holding.

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Revealing mistake: When the contestants are boarding the bus to the orientation breakfast, Miss Ohio boards and Frank says, "Oh-hi-yo." She plays Miss Arkansas for the rest of the film, and can also be seen at the orientation breakfast.

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Revealing mistake: During the scene when Victor (Michael Caine) tries to teach Gracie (Sandra Bullock) how to walk gracefully, look towards the back and you can easily see people behind Manhattan's street barricades watching the filming.

Revealing mistake: At the pageant, Cheryl performs with the flaming batons and she tosses a baton into the air. Cheryl's reflection is seen on the stage floor but the baton's is not because she really tosses nothing, this particular baton is entirely CG. Also, in some shots when her reflection and the reflections of bulbs, etc, is seen on the stage floor, the reflections of the flames are not. The flames were real in some shots and digitally augmented in others.

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Continuity mistake: When Gracie Hart is trying to tell Eric Matthews that she thinks she's cracked the ransom note's cryptic message, ("It's the Miss United States Pageant") you see a corsage hanging from her blazer. The appearance of the corsage is never explained and it disappears as quickly as it is shown. If you watch the movie's deleted scenes, you'll see that she attends her father's wedding ceremony, which was edited out of the final cut of the film. She wears a corsage in this scene.

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Continuity mistake: As McDonald leaves the FBI briefing room, after Matthews is put in charge, in the first wide shot as Gracie stands up to follow McDonald, the four clocks on the wall are seen. In the subsequent close-up, as she follows McDonald out, the clocks are seen again and there is a VERY big difference in the times shown in both shots.

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Continuity mistake: After Miss Rhode Island does the fire baton act when she is backstage again the ends of the baton are white again even though they were black when they went out.

Continuity mistake: In the dressing room as Vic and Gracie are talking before Gracie is pushed on stage for the swimsuit preliminary, Gracie is wearing the flag minicam on her New Jersey sash. While on stage during the swimsuit prelim., the flag minicam is NOT on her Jersey sash. She did NOT take it off.

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Continuity mistake: Backstage Vic pulls off Gracie's towel and pushes her onstage. In the next wide shot we see a boat riding past the stage, and the boat's operator is wearing a blue shirt. In the next close-up of that boat operator, his shirt is white.

Continuity mistake: When Grace and Eric are at Kathy's office telling her the plan, after Stan says, "Was that her?" you can see Eric taking the glass of water, but in the next shot you see the glass still on the table, with more water in it than before.

Revealing mistake: The morning after the pageant, Matthews' voiceover says, "You gotta admit, a part of you is gonna miss this" as we see a shot of the front of the hotel. We see the contestants milling around outside wearing the same outfits and sashes as the morning of the pre-pageant orientation breakfast. Obviously this shot does not belong here at all. We then see those same women, dressed completely differently, inside surprising Gracie!

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Continuity mistake: In the preliminary interview Gracie is on the left hand side of Stan Fields and then when she finishes her questions and hands the microphone back to him she is on his right side.

Continuity mistake: When Miss Rhode Island takes the hot chocolate to Gracie's room, the number on the door is 103. When Gracie goes to Victor's room later in the movie, it is also room 103. (The script writer points it out in his commentary with Sandra Bullock on the DVD.)

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Other mistake: First glimpse of the San Antonio venue, and there's a long shot of the entrance, showing a few people at the door. As the camera pans back, a girl in the centre of the shot spots the camera, staring right at it, and even shades her eyes from the sun to get a better look.

Continuity mistake: At the end when Gracie is talking to Kathy Morningside in the police car as she is arresting her, Kathy's hair is messy and hanging over her face for the first few shots. Then when the car drives off, her hair is perfectly straight and neat. How could she fix it up when her hands are cuffed behind her back?

Revealing mistake: At the Russian restaurant, on the agent's surveillance monitor in the van we see the blonde Russian start to sit in the first shot. Yet in the next shot in the restaurant we now see the blonde Russian is just pulling his chair out to sit. A surveillance camera CANNOT see what has NOT even happened yet.

Revealing mistake: When Gracie throws the crown up towards the Liberty prop, it does not fly normally. It's very obvious that it's a CG crown leaving her hand and flying through the air. Especially enjoyable if it's seen frame by frame.

Revealing mistake: Gracie hugs the Russian waitress in order to have a better view of the disc hand-off appear on the monitor. As she raises her left hand that holds the book/camera lens, we see that the digital feed that appears on the monitor stays steady and level, even though she is raising the book/camera lens higher and closer to her face. Obviously the feed that we see on the monitor is not taken from the book/camera lens.

Revealing mistake: When Gracie (Bullock) and Victor Melling (Caine) are leaving the restaurant, Victor is teaching her to walk, if you watch the people walking past them, between shots (front view and side view) you can see the same people walk by several times, in some cases in different directions. There are also people near them that smile, laugh or point at the two actors as they walk past.

Continuity mistake: After Gracie is given the title of Miss Congeniality, Miss Texas (with her broken nose) and some others go up to hug her. As Miss Texas is hugging Gracie up at the podium in the first shot, the very next shot is a close-up of Victor and Matthews in the 'audience', and seen right in front of them in the audience is Miss Texas.

Continuity mistake: Gracie and Matthews have a meeting with Kathy Morningside (Candice) and Stan Fields (Shatner) in her office to discuss Gracie's upcoming undercover work. In the 1st shot, Kathy stands up in front of a picture of a previous Miss United States and the reflection in the glass behind Kathy shows Stan, Matthews and Gracie standing up as well. Yet, in the 2nd shot, Stan who is still sitting stands up now. Then in the 3rd shot, Matthews and Gracie get up too.

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Revealing mistake: Miss Missouri is seen boarding the bus first and she is a white woman, with dark short hair. Later onstage, when Miss Hawaii says, "World Peace," to her left is Miss Missouri and she is a very tall African-American woman who is seen quite a few times during the pageant with the entire Missouri sash showing prominently. The white woman is actually Miss Kentucky later at the orientation breakfast.

Revealing mistake: When Vic and Gracie are inside St. Regis Hotel's Restaurant Lespinasse, there are windows in which the view outside can be seen. The street traffic seen through the window is obviously not Manhattan and the cars are heading the wrong way down E. 55th St. The exterior of the real restaurant is seen when Vic tries to teach Gracie how to glide. The interior shots are filmed at another restaurant in Austin.

Audio problem: While describing Miss Rhode Island during the Top 5, Kathy continues to say, "with a minor in elementary particles" however when Kathy can be seen on the live feed of the jumbo-tron onstage, she is just smiling and not saying those words.

Continuity mistake: In the scene towards the end of the film, just before Gracie goes on stage for the finale. Kathy Morningside is trying to open a bottle of pills backstage. She can't open the bottle so shouts for Frank. However instead of calling Frank, she shouts 'Ste..' and then corrects it to 'Frank'. I would imagine this is because Frank Tobin's real name is Steve Monroe.

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Continuity mistake: When Gracie arrives at the hotel after her makeover, she and Victor get out of the taxi cab. She is not wearing her State name sash. But cut to the next shot and you will see that the sash is on over her right shoulder.

Revealing mistake: Cheryl is the second one called in the Top 5 and she stands with Miss California at the front of the stage. Stan calls Miss Nebraska and as he says, "A theatre major", Cheryl is seen in front of Gracie with the other Top 10 that haven't been called.

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Revealing mistake: During the Miss United States Pageant, there are close-up shots of the audience and it is very obvious that in the balcony and back part of the audience, especially when seeing the 'men' with bow ties, they are mostly cardboard cut outs.

Continuity mistake: At the orientation breakfast, Cheryl, Miss Rhode Island introduces Gracie to the other contestants including Miss California, and calls her Leslie Davis. However, when the five finalists are announced, she's the first one called and Stan says, "California. Leslie Williams is a music major..."


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