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D2: The Mighty Ducks

Revealing mistake: When they take a snapshot and it spins, then lands on the USA Today front page, like "Bombay Leads Team USA!" and they have his picture there... the words underneath the pictures all of the times they do this never match the story. They are just random articles that are talking nothing about hockey.

Revealing mistake: When Adam comes in and says "when I woke up this morning, the pain was gone", Connie is mouthing his lines behind him.

Revealing mistake: In the final game against Iceland scene, there is a point where you can see that the people in the stands are actually cardboard cut-outs.

Factual error: At the end of the movie, they show a bunch of ducks flying. Those are not ducks, they are geese.

Continuity mistake: When Julie Gaffeny knocks the 2 Iceland players over, she is ejected from the game. But later, after Adam scores the goal, The Iceland player winds his stick up over his head and crushes him, yet he only gets a 2 minute minor penalty.

Deliberate mistake: At no time can a player on the ice play without a helmet. It may be legal in professional hockey, but never in youth league games, world championships or not (This happens when the goalie comes out of the crease and takes his mask off to shoot his "knuckle-puck", as well as the penalty shot in the first movie.)

Continuity mistake: Jesse and Averman walk off the platform twice at the conference that Iceland breaks up.

Continuity mistake: Team USA is competing in the Junior Goodwill Games, yet in one newspaper shot their picture appears under the heading 'Olympics'.

Continuity mistake: When Bombay and Stansson are playing one on one, there is one point when Stansson takes a backhand. In this shot, the blade on his stick is a righty. In all the other shots during this scene, he is a lefty.

Visible crew/equipment: When the old ducks meet their new team member and then the Zamboni is crashed through the boards, you can easily see a fog machine set up in front of the Zamboni.

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end, during the final game, there's a woman in the stands with a white top on, but in a following shot the same woman is wearing a blue top.

Continuity mistake: The first time they play Iceland, Fulton takes a slapshot. When the goalie makes the glove save it hits him in the top part of the glove, where his fingers would be, but when he pulls his hand out the puck mark is in the middle of his palm.

Visible crew/equipment: When the USA team is singing and skating down the streets and Coach Bombay is in the buggy, they all jump over the buggy and land successfully. But if you pause the movie you can see that the people skating are not actually the characters, they are the stunt doubles. Some of them are really funny cause they look nothing like the real characters.

Continuity mistake: In the Big Game against Iceland, the referee snaps the puck at center-ice to start the period. When he snaps the puck he is there, but one second later he is nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: When an Iceland player crashes into the goalie and the puck supposedly goes in the net for a goal, when the camera switches to the overhead shot there is no puck going into the net.

Factual error: Goalies are not allowed to pass centre.

Continuity mistake: In many of the game sequences players are simultaneously on the ice and on the bench. It happens most often with the kids that are not focused on so much, like Guy and Connie, but also sometimes with players like Charlie and Adam. Sometimes it's hard to tell if it is a montage and there has been enough time for the players to change, but at other times it's blatant. For example when Adam is hit on the wrist by the Iceland player you see Connie stand up on the bench and yell, but in the very next shot she's standing next to Adam asking if he's okay. And in the street hockey scene, when the puck is thrown back after hitting the car and Charlie scores a goal you see a reaction shot of the team celebrating. Charlie is visible at the bottom of the screen kneeling and cheering.

Factual error: The so-called Icelandic hockey team is not speaking anything close to Icelandic.

Continuity mistake: There is an announcer's voice speaking as the camera moves in on Team USA's first game, against Trinidad. The announcer says that Team USA is leading 6 to nothing, but you can see the scoreboard while he's talking, and it says the score is 7-0.

Factual error: Russ Tyler's game-tying goal at the end of regulation in the championship game is preceded by several implausibilities and rule infractions that effectively would have nullified the goal. Firstly, not only is it against the rules to switch jerseys with another player (he is visibly wearing Goldberg's jersey), but there is no way he could have put on all the goalie pads in the 30-second time out. Secondly, he removes his helmet. When a goalie's helmet is removed during play, the game will be stopped and the goalie will be given a delay of game penalty if he intentionally removed it. And lastly, he skates all the way to center ice to take his shot. Not only do the players for the supposedly highly talented Iceland team not pick him up at center ice to defend his shot, instead allowing him to swap sticks with a teammate and take a wide open shot, but if a goalie with possession of the puck reaches center ice, play would be stopped and a face off would be held in the goalie's team's defensive zone.

Serious B

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The actress playing Connie has the same surname as her character - Moreau.


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