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Iron Man 2

Videos for Iron Man 2 from Trailer Addict

Iron Man 2: Featurette - Visual Effects Montage Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Visual Effects Montage for Iron Man 2 on TrailerAddict.

Iron Man 2: Featurette - Process Montage Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Process Montage for Iron Man 2 on TrailerAddict.

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Nick Fury: Sir! I'm going to have to ask you to exit the donut!



At the end of the movie where Stark, Rhody and the Senator is taking a photo, Stark's hand is supposed to be behind the senator but when the scene switches to the zoomed out view, his hands are by his side and when it switches back again, his hands are behind the senator.



Near the end, where Nick Fury and Tony Stark are talking about the Avengers, there is a world map behind them featuring dots. The dots show where the Avengers are: New York (Iron Man); Arctic Circle (Captain America); Europe (Black Widow); Lower Africa (Wakanda for Black Panther); California (Hulk); New Mexico (Thor); Southern Atlantic Ocean (Namor the Sub-Mariner).


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