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The Lovely Bones

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The Lovely Bones: DVD Bonus - Water Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Bonus - Water for The Lovely Bones on TrailerAddict.

The Lovely Bones: DVD Bonus - Driving Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Bonus - Driving for The Lovely Bones on TrailerAddict.

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Susie Salmon: My name is Salmon, like the fish. First name, Susie. I was fourteen years old when I was murdered on December 6th,1973. I wasn't gone. I was alive in my own perfect world. But in my heart, I knew it wasn't perfect. My murderer still haunted me. My father had the pieces but he couldn't make them fit. I waited for justice but justice did not come.



At Susie's locker, when Ray first approaches her, she is startled and closes her locker door almost completely, but not quite. In the next shot, the door is completely shut without her having touched it.



When Susie is in the mall bookstore watching Ray, there is an advertisement on the window for "The Lord of the Rings." Director Peter Jackson is best known for directing the film adaptation of this book series.


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