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The Informant!

Videos for The Informant! from Trailer Addict

The Informant!: TV Spot - Critical Acclaim II Source: TrailerAddict

TV Spot - Critical Acclaim II for The Informant! on TrailerAddict.

The Informant!: Jimmy Kimmel Live - Guillermo Source: TrailerAddict

Jimmy Kimmel Live - Guillermo for The Informant! on TrailerAddict.

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Mark Whitacre: Polar bears cover their noses before they pounce on a seal. How do polar bears know their noses are black? Did they look in the water one day, see their reflection and say, "Man, I'd be invisible if it wasn't for that thing."



The movie takes place during the 1990s, but throughout the movie cars are shown with Illinois license plates with "Illinois" written in cursive. These plates were not introduced until 2001.


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