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Dorian Gray

Videos for Dorian Gray from Trailer Addict

Dorian Gray: Featurette - Ben Barnes Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Ben Barnes for Dorian Gray on TrailerAddict.

Dorian Gray: Blooper - Picnic Source: TrailerAddict

Blooper - Picnic for Dorian Gray on TrailerAddict.

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21 minutes and 30 seconds into the film, Dorian enters Cibyl's dressing room holding his hat and what seems to be the program to the performance (that he has just watched with Cibyl in it). A few seconds later, Dorian has only his hat. Seconds later, he has the piece of paper and his hat in his hand again. Dorian did not sit down anywhere or go near anything that he could have put the "program" down on to be picked up again a few seconds later.


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