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Silent Movie

Silent Movie (1976)

1 correction

Directed by: Mel Brooks

Starring: Dom DeLuise, Marty Feldman, Mel Brooks, Sid Caesar

Genres: Comedy

Corrected entry: Funn, Eggs, and Bell, with Vilma, await the audience's reaction to their film as it ends. The audience suddenly erupts into bravado ovation fanfare. Curiously, no actual footage of this 'Silent Film' is displayed, only the audience's apparent satisfaction of it.

Correction: How is not a mistake. There's a lot of things the movie doesn't explicitly show.

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While Funn and Bell are warding off their attackers by throwing Coke cans at them from the machine, Eggs is busy rewinding the retrieved film reel around his body. However, when he's done 'winding', it's obvious the amount of film wrapped around him is significantly less than what was on the film reel.



This film is in the Guiness Book Of World Records as having the fewest spoken lines of any sound movie. The famous mime, Marcel Marceau, has the only speaking line in this movie. His one line was only one word: "No".


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