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Mary Poppins

Corrected entry: Near the end, just before "Let's Go Fly A Kite", when Mr Banks has returned home his detachable collar is detached on his left-hand side in shots from the front but not from the back of him.

Correction: There is no problem with his collar at all.

Corrected entry: The story says that Mary Poppins comes to help Mr. Banks fix his flaws as a father. Although during the song, "A Man Has Dreams", it's actually Bert who makes Mr. Banks realizes his flaws rather than Mary Poppins, and even in the story Mr. Banks says that Mary Poppins made everything worse for him, so actually Mary Poppins isn't the real hero in this story, it's Bert.

Correction: Bert just puts into perspective all the stuff that Mary did for him.

Corrected entry: After the chimney sweeps leave the Banks' home, Michael starts to leave too. He says "Good luck, guvnor" to Mr. Banks, who then appears to speak two words but there is no sound.

Correction: He working his mouth in consternation. He's at a loss for words. He doesn't know what to say but feels like he really ought to say something. He appears to speak but there is no sound because he is trying to speak but can't make any sound. It's part of the performance, not a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: Mary takes the coat rack out of her bag with the umbrella by the table. When the kids inspect the bag the umbrella is gone.

Correction: The umbrella is there, though it is difficult to see.

Corrected entry: When Mr. Banks returns to the bank at night to be reprimanded, look at his torn carnation when it is placed back in his lapel. In each shot, it changes in size, shape and colour at least seven times.

Correction: I have reviewed this several times and at no time does the carnation change size or shape. In certain angles it shows only a leaf with the torn blossom behind, but the color and size do not change.

Corrected entry: As the movie starts out, the mother is going to suffrage meetings (to fight for the right to vote), setting the film in the early to mid 1910's. When they're talking about getting a new nanny, the mother gets a modern ring binder out.

Correction: It is not a 3 ring binder she opens, but a leather folder, what looks to be one ring is a clip to hold loose papers, and there is no evidence of the other 2 rings.

Corrected entry: When Bert is walking the children home, they walk through the park gates but, a minute later, you can see in the background that they are closed with no one having had time to close them.

Correction: This is incorrect. Those are different gates that are being referred to on Bert's left, just before they cross the road. You can see both park gates after they cross the road and the ones they came through are still open.

Corrected entry: Dick Van Dyke portrays both Bert and the elder Mr. Dawes.

Correction: Even if you can't tell while watching (pretty unlikely as you can easily see it's him), then he is listed in the credits.


Corrected entry: In the shot where the children first bring Mary up to her room, she puts her carpet bag on the table to take all of her things out of it. While she is removing all the things from the bag, you can see that Jane's dress above the table is different from her dress below the table.

Correction: The dress is not at all different, but the shots where Mary is taking large items out of her carpet bag, Jane's dress is not shadowed by the table, but is shadowed when Mary removes her shoes and smaller items, making the dress look darker. The mistake is that you can see that the children are not part of the same scene, but added in.

Corrected entry: Towards the beginning of the movie, when George Banks comes home from work (clocking off at 6pm), the grandfather clock is a minute after 6pm and he sings a little ditty. Yet later in the movie, when Mr Banks is called to the bank by Mr Dawes, the route that he takes to get there is so long that there's no way he can make it to be home to "pat [the kids] on the head and send them off to bed" at 6:03 as he sings in the song.

Correction: Nowhere does it mention what time he got off work, or reveal any hint as to how long he takes to get to or from work. If it was the case that he got off work at 6:00, he would have to live next door to the bank to even be home by 6:01. A more likely scenario, is that he gets off work at 5:00, (like the banks today) and that it takes an hour to travel each way.

Corrected entry: There is a close-up of Michael's hand slowly opening to reveal the tuppence during the bank song. In the shot right before this, his hand was in an entirely different position, grasping the opening on his coat.

Correction: Micheal isn't grasping his coat, he is holding the money to his chest.

Corrected entry: As soon as the song Spoonful of Sugar is over, Mary Poppins gets the children's coats out of the closet. When you see the full shot, the mattress of the bed in the foreground has disappeared. It is quite evident because you can see Michael's shoes.

Correction: The bed is not actually missing, but because the comforter is folded in three, it is raised so high that it looks as if the bed it's on is actually the bed before it. It looks this way because Jane's comforter lines up with Micheal's bed because of the angle it was filmed.

Corrected entry: When they get onto the roof of their house and start walking, they are shown as being a very long way away from St Paul's, much further than Mr Banks might expect to walk to work without taking a cab...

Correction: People in Britain walk more than Americans. I walk that far to get to the supermarket.

Corrected entry: In the scene during "A Spoonful of Sugar," Mary Poppins has her apron on in one shot, but in the next shot of her, the apron is off.

Correction: And it stays off the rest of the scene. Since she had enough time off camera to remove it, this is not a mistake.


Corrected entry: When Burt and the fox ride onto the horse racing track, the horses all rush past him, spinning him around. But if you look closely, when he spins around, he spins the wrong direction; he spins as if they all ran behind him when the all ran in front of him.

Correction: A racecourse is oval shaped, so Bert's horse was probabally at an angle to the left, so it's possible for him to spin counterclock-wise.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the bank, twice Michael looks at his sister with a surprised and disgusted look on his face. They are the same shot.

Correction: How can you be so sure? It's not like in real life he couldn't look at his sister with the same face. People can keep the same look on their face for a long time, even if they don't intend to.

Corrected entry: In the chimney sweeps' dance scene, Mary Poppins and the children are sitting on the chimney. Then they show Mary's feet tapping - in a position they could only be in if she were standing, and there is nothing behind her feet. Then they show her still sitting on the chimney.

Correction: Not necessarily. She can be sitting and still have her feet in that position, it's possible. It's also likely since, as explained in the DVD, it's Mary Poppins like to have her feet turned out when she's still.

Corrected entry: When Mary Poppins is reading the childern's torn-up note to Mr. Banks, she is wearing a pair of white gloves. The next shot is a close-up and she is wearing black gloves. And then finally a room shot, where she's wearing white gloves again.

Correction: The gloves appear black due to the bright light being show through the paper to show off the torn parts. It is a dark shadow.

Corrected entry: When the children have had a scare at the bank with their father, they run away and end up running into Bert, who is being a chimney sweeper. They go back to the house and it is daylight. Then the children get sucked up the chimney and it is night time. They all go for their walk on the rooftops and it is night time, but when they return and the mother arrives home it is daytime again.

Correction: When the rooftop sequence starts it is sunset and then turns into night. When everyone goes back into the house from the roof, the mother just shows up at the door, you never see the outside again until the sweepers leave and it is still night.

Corrected entry: In the scene were Mary Poppins is moving in and taking the hat rack, plant, lamp, etc out of her carpet bag, when she takes out the hat stand you can visibly see the shadow of a crew member to the far right of the picture.

Correction: That's Michael's shadow.

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