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17 Again
17 Again mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Mike and Ned fight with lightsabers, when they are in the kitchen Mike's wedding ring moves from his left hand to his right hand and back again, depending on the angle of the shot.

17 Again mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Before the start of the last basketball game, when Ned calls out, "Jane!" for the third time in the shot facing him as he tries to pass someone, the actors' green T-mark and three other tape marks - one yellow and two red - are visible on the floor ahead of Ned. (Visible on DVD fullscreen.)

Factual error: At the start in 1989, when Mike is dancing with the cheerleaders and also just before he goes after Scarlet, in close-ups of the crowd cheering there is a man (with a white baseball cap) wearing a Paramore t-shirt. However, Paramore (a Grammy-nominated American pop rock band) formed in 2004. The style of t-shirt he is wearing is actually one of the officially licensed Paramore merchandise.

17 Again mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mike walks into Health class, Mrs. Dell's lectern and stool (upon which the basket of condoms and another basket sit) stand directly in front of the chalkboard, but funny how they are both conveniently gone when Mike knocks Stan to the floor, in front of that chalkboard.

Continuity mistake: In the shot just after "Mark" tells Scarlet about Alex and the new girlfriend, Nicole (at the victory party), we see Jane's car driving down the block (towards the camera) headed to Ned's home and there are multiple black tire tracks (burned rubber) on the road at the intersection. After a close-up of Jane and Ned in the car discussing 'Halo', it cuts back to the intersection as the teenagers cut them off, and the tire tracks are gone.

Visible crew/equipment: When Mike slams Stan down to the floor in Health class, the grey padded protective gear that Mike wears under his pants is visible as his shirt moves up.

Visible crew/equipment: When Mike satiates his hunger in Ned's kitchen, just after Ned says, "That's your can now, we'll label it like that," the reflection of a crewmember moving around is visible in the cabinet's glass pane, to the left of the screen. In the other shots of the same angle we don't see movement, so we know it's not Mike's reflection.

Continuity mistake: Before the '89 basketball game begins, Mike is on the court with the cheerleaders and when he pulls off his blue snap warm-up pants he is wearing the grey uniform shorts and jersey. However, after Mike poses in the close-up, he is wearing the blue warm-up pants again in the next shot from behind the cheerleaders - note his jersey number "0", which is visible between the cheerleaders.

Continuity mistake: After their fight, when Mike and Ned are in Ned's kitchen with frozen veggie 'ice-packs' over their assorted injuries, Mike has a bag of frozen peas that keeps turning around, facing the opposite way, repeatedly.

Continuity mistake: After Ned and Jane arrive at his house, they walk toward the kitchen as he shouts, "Everyboby out!" and in the shot from behind Ned is to Jane's right then moves to her left. However, in the next shot facing them, Ned is once again on Jane's right.

17 Again mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The morning after Mike's party at Ned's house, when Ned finishes vacuuming the rug in the overhead shot the wood floor immediately surrounding the rug is clean, but in the next shot there is a mess right beside the rug, which would have been visible in the previous shot had it been there.

Continuity mistake: On the bridge, when Mike topples into the water headfirst, the distinctive treads on the heels/soles of his shoes, as well as the light colored brand logo on the heels, are visible. After the newly transformed Mike appears at Ned's home wearing the same clothing, when Ned pulls the rug out from under Mike, his shoes' soles are completely different.

Continuity mistake: When Ned and Mike encounter the street guard, whilst in the yellow car rushing to the court, the rear-view mirror changes position.

Low Cow

Continuity mistake: At the restaurant, after Ned does his wine tasting, when the waiter pours wine into Jane's glass he holds the bottle in his left hand, as his right hand holds the cloth napkin, then lifts the bottle away from the glass when he is done. Next shot as he still pours wine in Jane's glass, the wine bottle is now in his right hand as he holds the base of the bottle with his left hand.

Continuity mistake: After Naomi and Scarlet head into the house to work on getting Scarlet back on the market, when Mike is driving in the rain the rearview mirror is gone, but it reappears when Mike runs toward the 'janitor' who disappeared from the bridge.

Continuity mistake: During Mike's first class (before Maggie walks in), when he's on the cell with Scarlet, who is asking where he is, a cheerleader sits down behind Mike and places her right arm up with her hand at her chin and her left arm is down. However, in the next shot when she asks Mike if he would consider a 10th grader, now it's her left arm that is up and her right arm is down, instantly.

Visible crew/equipment: When Mike is in the bathroom (before he sees Alex taped up) on the cell with Ned, in Ned's two close-ups the reflection of equipment moving (likely the boom) is visible behind him between his head and feet, as he lies on the couch.

Continuity mistake: When Mike swings his lightsabre and causes Ned to slam backwards onto the floor, Ned drops his own lightsabre onto the floor beside him, with its red glow pointing toward the front door. Next shot the lightsabre is turned the opposite way, with its red glow pointing toward the kitchen.

Continuity mistake: When Mike grabs a lightsabre and shouts, "Ned, Ned, Ned, I'm telling you...stop it!...Now!" his arms are extended out with the lightsabre held aloft, and his tie hangs properly. It cuts to Ned turning on his lightsabre's glow effect, with Mike and his raised lightsabre in the foreground. In the next shot, as Mike's arms are still extended out, his tie is now dangling over his right arm.

Continuity mistake: When Ned is attacking Mike with the sword and then skewers his suit jacket, as soon as Mike fumbles out of the jacket both of his long shirt sleeves (one of the cuffs hangs out of the jacket sleeve) are suddenly folded up on his forearms, between shots. Additionally, the dangling left shirt sleeve cuff repeatedly moves in and out of the suit sleeve, and even after the jacket is discarded the cuff folds up, down, back up and so on.

Continuity mistake: After Ned and Mike arrive in the courtroom, the judge's nameplate moves from being to the right of the gavel, to being directly in front of it, then back again.

Continuity mistake: When Ned and Mike stop for the "glorified midget wrangler", Glenn's right hand goes to his pants' pocket in the shot facing the Lamborghini, but next shot his right arm is extended for the crossing children. The proximity and position of the kids to one another also changes abruptly between shots.

Continuity mistake: In the courtroom, when Mike finishes "reading" the letter to Scarlet he drops it on the case file box, with its black extendable handle retracted below the bar (wood rail), but when Scarlett picks up the paper the extendable handle is pulled up well above the bar. (Visible on DVD fullscreen.)

Continuity mistake: When Mike comforts Maggie after her breakup with Stan, when he stands up and says, "I wanted to invite you to my party...," Mike holds his backpack in his left hand just before it cuts, but next shot his empty left hand is up near his face.

Continuity mistake: When the "Nedmobile" pulls out of the driveway to head to the courthouse, we see Glenn, the crossing guard, at the corner and the entire sidewalk to the right, from the driveway on down. When Ned stops, in the shot from behind Glenn there are two trees at the curb, which were not there in the previous shot. (Visible on DVD widescreen.)

Continuity mistake: In the ice cream shop, when Mike picks up the unplugged jack for Maggie's earbuds, he holds the jack pointed up with its cord grasped within his closed palm, but next shot the cord is dangling free under the unplugged jack.

Continuity mistake: Before the start of the last basketball game, when Ned (wearing a "cloak of invisibility") calls out to Jane, the people surrounding the seated principal change depending on the angle of the shot. For example, in the shot facing Jane there is guy in a green hoodie, wearing a bandana on his head, that disappears in the side shot.

Continuity mistake: At court, after "Mark" reads the supposed letter from Mike, he drops the paper onto the box. When Scarlet picks it up and sees that it is merely directions to the courthouse, its writing differs. The direction of the folds in the paper also change from when Scarlet picks it up and the next close-up.

Continuity mistake: When Alex and Mike are seated for lunch in the school cafeteria, Mike's sunglasses hang on his t-shirt collar then appear on the table and continue to change position on the table, beside the food tray.

Continuity mistake: When Mike returns to Hayden searching for the 'janitor', as he is speaking to the real janitor saying, "There's an older guy with white hair...," Mike's black sunglasses are in his left hand, but when it cuts back to the close-up it's back in his right hand.


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Ned: It's a classic transformation story. Are you now, or have you ever been, a Norse god, vampire, or time-traveling cyborg?
Mike: I've know you since what, first grade? I think that maybe I would have told you!
Ned: Vampire wouldn't tell. Cyborg wouldn't know.



The codename for this film when shipped to theatres was "Rewind." Kinda fitting if you ask me.