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Dragonball Evolution

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Dragonball Evolution: Bloopers Source: TrailerAddict

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Dragonball Evolution: DVD TV Spot Source: TrailerAddict

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Master Roshi: In an ancient time, Earth was nearly destroyed. Not by man, but by Gods from the sky.



Despite the film building to a climax during a total solar eclipse, which requires a New Moon, the film constantly shows a Full Moon, which never changes phase over the weeks the film takes place.



The house used in the film as the one where the master lives, is the house in the news called the "nail house," where the owners refused an order to move because of construction. In the southwestern Chinese municipality of Chongqing, the modest two-story brick structure - a dot on the decimated landscape - is called the "nail house" because it seems to be nailed to the ground by its owners' stubbornness.


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