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Body of Lies

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Body of Lies: DVD Bonus - Action Scenes Source: TrailerAddict

DVD Bonus - Action Scenes for Body of Lies on TrailerAddict.

Body of Lies: Anatomy of a Scene Source: TrailerAddict

Anatomy of a Scene for Body of Lies on TrailerAddict.

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When Leonardo DiCaprio is arriving on the tarmac at what is supposed to be Abu Dhabi, the main (and very distinctive) Dulles airport terminal is visible in the background.



The location of the Noordermarkt scene in Amsterdam was not shot on sight. In fact it wasn't shot in the Netherlands at all. A few points on how you can tell: *The Noordermarkt in the film looks absolutely nothing like the real Noordermarkt. It looks more like an Asian or Indian market. *The noise of people talking in the background does not resemble anything close to Dutch. *The types of cars that you see in the scene are pretty much all rarely seen in the Netherlands. Mostly because they are too outdated to be seen frequently, especially all together. *At timecode 42:30 you can see a police car with "POLICE" written on the side of it. However, in real life, Dutch police cars do not use the English word for police simply because people speak Dutch in the Netherlands. "Politie" would have been the correct word. But even then the police car would not be convincing, as the official police car scheme looks entirely different. *And finally, the firetruck depicted later on in the scene is of a type not used in the Netherlands. In fact, the truck appears to be an American Pierce Lance truck with Dutch fire engine stickers on it. Dutch firetrucks are usually of European make: DAF, MAN or Mercedes.


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