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Lakeview Terrace

Videos for Lakeview Terrace from Trailer Addict

Lakeview Terrace: TV Spot #3 Source: TrailerAddict

TV Spot #3 for Lakeview Terrace on TrailerAddict.

Lakeview Terrace: Interview - Samuel L. Jackson Source: TrailerAddict

Interview - Samuel L. Jackson for Lakeview Terrace on TrailerAddict.

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Chris Mattson: Y'know what Abel? Fuck you.
Abel Turner: Is that a 'We Are the World' fuck you?
Chris Mattson: No. It's a special one. Just for you.



In the scene in which Abel is facing the gunmen with the shotgun, after Abel takes the gun away from the gunman and holds it up under his chin, the view changes from Abel's face to the gunman's face. When Abel's face is shown, the gunman's face is low, but when it switches to the gunman's face, you can note that his head is tilted up higher, and vice versa.


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