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Star Trek

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Star Trek: Gag Reel Source: TrailerAddict

Gag Reel for Star Trek on TrailerAddict.

Star Trek: Featurette - Simon Pegg Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Simon Pegg for Star Trek on TrailerAddict.

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Scotty: I like this ship! It's exciting!



When Kirk is sneaking about on the Romulan ship, just after Spock takes off in the ship, we see a shot of him walking down a dark corridor, carrying what is very clearly a Romulan pistol (quite long and thin). When the shot changes, he suddenly has his standard Federation Phaser in his hand when he confronts Nero. He doesn't get a Romulan pistol like that until after the fight with the first officer, when his phaser falls over the edge.



Mr. Scott has a pet tribble, it can bee seen in his lab on Delta Vega in a cage by his desk. If you listen you can hear the signature sounds of a cooing tribble.


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