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Righteous Kill

Righteous Kill (2008)


Directed by: Jon Avnet

Starring: 50 Cent, Al Pacino, Carla Gugino, Robert De Niro

Genres: Crime, Drama, Mystery

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Righteous Kill: Today Show Interview Source: TrailerAddict

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Righteous Kill: B-Roll V Source: TrailerAddict

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Turk: You don't become a cop because you want to serve and protect. You join the force because they let you carry a gun and a badge. You do it because you get respect.



After the main characters are talking in a bar, the camera shows a wire above a street. On the wire, there are 3 pairs of old shoes hanging by the laces. However, a closer look reveals that 2 of the 3 pairs are NOT actual shoes, they are just cardboard cut-outs printed to look like shoes and they have the same graphic.


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