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The Little Mermaid

Continuity mistake: When King Triton destroys the stone statue of Prince Eric, you can clearly see that the statue's face explodes and breaks into pieces as well as the rest of the body. However, at the point a few minutes later when Ariel decides to meet the seawitch Ursula, she caresses the statue's face as a whole again.

Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Ariel is watching the sailors dance on the ship the dog comes over and licks her face, but she wipes off the wrong cheek.

Continuity mistake: When the wedding is taking place, the priest's cross turns upside down for one frame.

Continuity mistake: After Eric's wedding, Ariel arrives at the ship without shoes, then she receives her voice back and just before they try to kiss, she's wearing shoes.

The Little Mermaid mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Grimsby is presenting the statue of Eric to the prince, one of the crew's shirts changes colour from white/black stripes to blue/black stripes.

The Little Mermaid mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Ariel is in the Prince's guest bedroom, the covers suddenly appear over her.

Continuity mistake: When Eric first washes up on the beach and Ariel is singing to him/stroking his face, she has no fingernails. In the next scene she does.

Continuity mistake: Ursula's lipstick disappears from her lips right before she applies it.

Audio problem: When Ariel's sisters are singing in the beginning of the movie the yellowish sister's mouth doesn't move when she says her name.

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Continuity mistake: During the "Kiss the Girl" song a bunch of fish swim up underneath the boat, and the water is seen to be very deep. After the boat is knocked over however, Ariel and Eric are standing in the water which now appears to be only a few feet deep.

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Continuity mistake: When Sebastian is in Ariel's cavern with all her treasures, he accidentally gets his legs caught in a thimble. You can see it from the front, but when they show a shot from the back, it is gone. In the following shot from the front, it is back on again.

Continuity mistake: When Sebastian is hiding from the chef under a lettuce leaf in the kitchen, at first he is behind a bunch of stuff on the table. In the next shot, all the stuff is gone, and he's alone on the table.

The Little Mermaid mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Ariel and Eric are in the boat together before their attempt to kiss, Ariel's hair is down. But in their shadows on the water, her hair is in a ponytail.


Continuity mistake: When Flounder swims through an anchor at the start the anchor has round edges, but when the shark bursts in the anchor has flat edges.

Continuity mistake: When Ariel is swimming back home from her treasure collecting trip at the sunken ship, she has her pink bag. Then the eels' eyes merge from watching her to Ursula's bubble globe thing Ariel doesn't have it anymore. Then when the scene switches back, she has it again.

Continuity mistake: When Eric first washes up on the beach and Ariel is singing to him, she looks to her left when she hears Max barking, but Max and Grim are actually coming from her right.

Continuity mistake: In the first scene involving Ursula, the shrimp don't appear in her opened case until she reaches down for one.

Continuity mistake: When Ariel is at dinner with Eric and Grimsby, her fingernails are not painted when she picks up the fork, but are painted pink when she puts it down.

Continuity mistake: Before her wedding to Eric, Ursula talks to herself in front of a mirror and then steps on the makeup table, cracking a perfume bottle. The problem is that the bottle wasn't on the table on the previous shot.


Continuity mistake: When the crown falls off Triton's head it has eight prongs, instead of the usual five.

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