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Hell Drivers

Corrected entry: At his interview, Tom is told that the drivers have to maintain their own trucks at night. So why does the company employ Ed the mechanic?

Correction: Maintenance and repairing are two different things. Maintaining a truck is fuelling, checking fluids, adding if necessary, keeping relatively clean, checking and setting brakes, etc. Maintenance does not include overhauling an engine or transmission, or diagnosing and repairing mechanical problems. That's Ed the mechanic's job.

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At the start of the film when Tom is doing his trial run, he is forced off the road to avoid crashing into two oncoming trucks, driven by Johnny and Red. His truck has the number thirteen number board on the front, which isn't on it during any other time during the trial run, although it's on the truck for the rest of the film.



When we first see Red in the cafe as he walks over to the table, if you look on the cafe wall there is a poster for a play, "I Have Been Here Before" at the Royalty Theatre starring Wilfrid Lawson. Lawson appears in Hell Drivers as Ed.


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