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Baby Mama

Visible crew/equipment: In every car scene in the movie that you look at Kate's glasses, you can see the green screen used reflecting off her glasses.

Michael Piscitelli

Factual error: When Kate is driving Angie to the hospital to deliver her baby, she is going over the Ben Franklin Bridge towards Camden in New Jersey. However, the next morning, the exterior shot of the hospital at which Angie is staying shows a sign saying "The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania," which is in Philadelphia, not New Jersey.


Continuity mistake: When the pea-soup is first taste tested, you can see close up that it is under C. Once it zooms out to the room, it seems B and C have changed places.

Revealing mistake: When Angie is having her ultrasound, if you keep an eye on the monitor, you can see that the baby shows up before the doctor places the reader on Angie's stomach.

Factual error: When Kate gives Angie a ride back to Kate's house/apartment, the outside scene shows a road sign for PA-51. PA Route 51 is a road in southwestern Pennsylvania, not a road near Philadephia, which is where the film is set.

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Angie Ostrowiski: Stop framing your face.
Kate Holbrook: I think it works.
Angie Ostrowiski: It doesn't.


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