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Iron Man

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Iron Man: Featurette - Invisible Visual Effects Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Invisible Visual Effects for Iron Man on TrailerAddict.

Iron Man: Featurette - Visual Effects Compilation Source: TrailerAddict

Featurette - Visual Effects Compilation for Iron Man on TrailerAddict.

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Tony Stark: Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.



When Iron Man and Iron Monger are fighting, Iron Man catches the SUV, and you can see the family inside the car. Although the car is completely vertical, the hair of the people in the car seem to defy gravity.



Notice they don't play the lyrics with the "Iron Man" song in the closing credits. That's because the Black Sabbath song was not about the comic book Iron Man. There are many theories about what the song means, but the most popular is that it is about a man who travels to the future and sees the apocalypse. They couldn't use the lyrics to describe the Iron Man in the movie: He was turned to steel - In the great magnetic field - Where he traveled time - For the future of mankind. Now the time is here - For Iron Man to spread fear - Vengeance from the grave - Kills the people he once saved.


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