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A League Of Their Own

New this month Factual error: In the final inning of the last world series game, Dottie is seen catching a pop up as she falls into the dugout. You see the ball go into her glove and then, before she even hits the ground in the dugout, the ball has moved to her throwing hand. There is no way a catcher would even attempt to transfer the ball from their glove hand to their throwing hand while falling like that.

Visible crew/equipment: After the Peaches are introduced at their first game, they run onto the field. If you watch the background carefully, Rosie O'Donnell clearly trips over a production wire.

Continuity mistake: During the scene where Dottie and Jimmy are sitting beside each other at the front of the bus having a conversation, the camera cuts to Mae painting Kit's nails on the back seat of the bus. When the camera cuts back to Dottie and Jimmy, if you look at the back seat of the bus, Mae is sitting by herself and Kit is already about to sit back down in her seat in the middle of the bus. It doesn't seem likely that there would have been enough time for her to be in that position so quickly.

Continuity mistake: During the tryout/league formation sequence at Harvey (Wrigley) Field, every shot takes place at the famous stadium, except one. When Betty Spaghetti backpedals to catch a fly ball, the background shows a rickety wooden outfield fence, not Wrigley's famous ivy-covered walls.

Continuity mistake: A very early 1943 scene in Oregon shows baseball scout Jon Lovitz waiting in the club car of a train with a steam engine complete with smokestack. Geena Davis and Lori Petty run to catch the train for tryouts. But after they board in the next scene, the steam locomotive has disappeared and now a modern diesel engine is in front of the train heading east to Fort Collins, Colorado.

Continuity mistake: When the scout is watching Marla's batting practice in the gymnasium, the same shot is used twice when she hits the ball through the window. One far way, then one closeup.

Other mistake: The older Dottie Hinson in the beginning of the movie has blue eyes and Geena Davis (young Dottie) has brown eyes.

Continuity mistake: Kit, still in her uniform, encounters Dottie on Dottie's way out of the Peaches locker room after the final game. After being sweaty and dirty during the game, somehow Kit's uniform is now spotless and her hair looks likes it's been washed and blow dried.

Audio problem: At the end when the women are at the Baseball Hall of Fame, Marla says to Mr. Capadino, "this is when you changed my life," but her lips don't move.

Factual error: In the final game when Kit comes to bat, we get a quick glimpse of the right field foul line and there is an umpire standing on the line behind first base. In a previous shot, we see an umpire standing on the left field foul line behind third base. In the 1940s, three umpires were used for the majority of the games. With a runner on first base, as is the situation here, the umpire would position himself between first and second base. During the shots of Kit running the bases after she hit the ball, we see no other umpire between first and second base or anywhere near second base.

Continuity mistake: When the girls are relaxing at Suds Bucket, Ellen Sue is on the dance floor, then seated with her partner and back onto the floor again all within a matter of shots.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy meets Dottie and Bob after the final game, we first see all three of them, with Jimmy and Bob shaking hands. While they are still shaking hands, the camera switches to Jimmy's head and upper body, and he is visibly not doing a handshake - instead within a second he is shown giving his hand again to Bob for a second handshake. Then, while he is still shown doing the second handshake, the camera switches to Dottie's and Bob's heads and upper bodies, with Bob visibly not doing a handshake. Finally the camera switches back to showing all three persons, with Jimmy just pulling back his hand from a handshake.

Continuity mistake: When Jimmy is shouting at the team members to get on the bus, we first see Evelyn and Doris in the background while they are descending the stairs of the hotel entrance and hurrying on the pathway towards the vehicle. Then the camera angle changes, and we now see them from a close distance descending the stairs again.

Continuity mistake: During the music clip, when Jimmy is finally starting to take over the managerial duties of the team, there is a scene where he is instructing Beverly before batting. We see the very same spectators sitting behind the Rockford bench, who were there in the other scene where Jimmy and Dottie were concurrently instructing Marla before batting - which happened several games before.

Continuity mistake: When the selected team members are announced, we see Mae and Doris hugging each other in rejoice. About one second later Kit is shown rushing through the crowd, and we now see Mae and Doris standing about two meters apart from each other, both facing towards the notice board, with a couple of other girls standing between them.

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the church, immediately after the girls were at the Suds Bucket, Mae is in the confessional when the priest drops his Bible. Mae steps out and kneels to pray as the priest opens the door to see who has just made their confessions. A closeup of the priest's face reveals that he has a "cowlick" (several locks of hair) hanging down in the middle of his forehead, but in the very next shot showing him in the background looking down at Mae, the lock of hair is suddenly gone.

Continuity mistake: After the final game, Kit is giving autographs to little girls in the hallway. If you look behind Dottie, a concession stand worker enters the men's room twice (in two different shots).

Continuity mistake: When the Peaches are outside the bus talking after it stops, watch the white horse in the background behind Dottie. It changes position more than once.

Factual error: While Racine did win the title the first year of the league, their opponent in the championship was Kenosha, not Rockford. Also, the series went 5 games, not 7.

Continuity mistake: When Marla is taking batting practice in the gym, she hits a ball through a window. In no other shot is the window broken. Also, when the ball is going through the window from the outside shot, the ball is going through a different window.

Paul S

Factual error: In the first clubhouse scene, Jimmy Dugan is given a baseball card to autograph, It is a standard size card, which didn't get made until the 1950s. A Goudey card, which would have been appropriate for Dugan in the late 30s or early 40s, was much smaller.

Continuity mistake: During the championship game Kit is pitching for Racine and her sister Dottie hits a line drive that almost "takes her head off". Later when Kit goes to the dugout, a closeup shot shows her sitting with a jacket on her right arm crying and freaking out because Dottie got the best of her once again. But in the next shot, Dottie comes walking out behind the plate to catch, looks over at Kit who is still crying in the dugout, and the jacket is no longer on Kit's arm as it was just a second before.

Continuity mistake: After the final game we see the girls leaving the changing room, but Dotty is still there. The last two girls are about to leave, and we see Dotty about to put her tights on. She has not started putting them on, but then the shot changes and she is already rolling them up her legs.


Continuity mistake: In the end credits where they are showing photographs of the girls, Rosie O'Donnell is wearing a Racine Belles uniform. Kit was the one who got traded to Racine, not Rosie.

Continuity mistake: When Dottie and Jimmy are arguing whether Marla should bunt or swing away, while Jimmy is reading the paper the Rockford Peach emblem on his uniform switches from solid peach to red/white then back to solid peach.

Factual error: In the "training sequence" portion of the league formation, it shows the ladies being taught to pitch overhand. In actuality, the ladies in the league didn't pitch overhand until the later years.

Factual error: One of the stadium banners reads "Catch A Foul - —Get A Kiss"; it is printed in the font Banco, which was created in 1951—, eight years after the film is set.

Continuity mistake: In the movie Ellen Sue (she played short stop and was a pitcher) was #1. You can see it on her uniform throughout the movie. At the very end when they are showing credits it shows pictures of the girls playing ball. On the back of Ellen Sue's uniform is shown #2.

Visible crew/equipment: In the bus scene when Madonna says to Evelyn that she is going to have to kill her son Stillwell, Madonna then grabs a baseball bat, at that same time the child actor is given his cue to start running by one of the girls poking him in his upper arm.

Continuity mistake: The first teams had 15 players on them, not 16.


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Kit: Have you ever heard dad introduce us? "This is our daughter Dottie and this is our other daughter, Dottie's sister." They should've just had you and bought a dog.



Betty Spaghetti is played by director Penny Marshall's daughter, Tracy Reiner. Walter Harvey is played by the director's brother, Gary Marshall.