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Vantage Point

Videos for Vantage Point from Trailer Addict

Vantage Point: TV Spot - One Truth Source: TrailerAddict

TV Spot - One Truth for Vantage Point on TrailerAddict.

Vantage Point: Feature International Trailer Source: TrailerAddict

Feature International Trailer for Vantage Point on TrailerAddict.

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When Quaid eventually catches up with Javier and Matthew Fox, his pistol is a SIG Sauer P229, it can't carry more than 12 rounds in the magazine and can have only 1 in the chamber. However, more than 13 shots are heard firing from it.



There were several Secret Service consultants on this film to give realism to the action. However, they were unhappy with the final product as it seemed that the kidnappers were able to get to the President without all that much trouble, even if they did have an insider.


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