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Any Given Sunday

Visible crew/equipment: In the opening scene, Dennis Quaid is shown yelling out the count to his team-mates from the QB position. His shiny helmet clearly shows the camera crew filming him as he faces forward.

Visible crew/equipment: When Cap is working out in his gym late at night, after his wife walks in and says, "Yo, Rocky...," watch the mirror as she leans against the wall. There is a clear shot of a crew member in a white T-shirt reading something, and looking up just before the shot cuts away.

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In the final game of the movie, when LT gets hurt making the big stop, the referee's measure for the first down before anybody attends to LT. LT is nowhere to be seen when the measurement is made yet he was supposedly knocked out at the point of contact - where the ball should be. No way would they measure until the injured player is taken off the field and the pile up cleared.



Director Oliver Stone makes a cameo as sportscaster.


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