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St. Trinian

Continuity mistake: When Flash is writing Theft next to no.6 on the board, Blackmail has appeared next to no.5 - Flash couldn't have written it on the board previously because when we see the board (before Theft is written on it), there is a blank space next to no.5.

Other mistake: After Kelly and the twins climb out of the sewer tunnel and hear footsteps, the twins sit atop the steel grating pretending to cry while the rest hide below. All the walls and paintings behind the twins are the very same ones behind Kelly, Taylor and Andrea later, when they've finally reached their target painting, in a different area of the gallery. We can even see the square of wood planks covering the area of the steel grating seen earlier.

St. Trinian

Continuity mistake: When the bank manager hands Miss Fritton the foreclosure notice, she is wearing a dark floral blouse, a black patterned vest and small pearl earrings. Then, when Beverly gives Miss Fritton the "red" and "blue" pills, Miss Fritton is wearing a completely different outfit and large mabe pearl earrings. She reverts back to the original oufit/earrings when she speaks with Carnaby.

St. Trinian

Continuity mistake: When Miss Fritton boxes with her niece, Annabelle wallops her aunt, and as Miss Fritton falls backwards we see her shoeless foot fly up. However, when she's lying flat on her back she has both shoes on her feet.

Continuity mistake: When Flash is teaching "The 7 Laws of Crime," he writes "extortian" which is spelled incorrectly with an "a". Yet, when he says, "If you don't start using your noggins...," the word "extortion" is spelled properly with an "o", but then it reverts back to the incorrect spelling in following shots.

Factual error: During "School Challenge" the volume of a sphere is given as Pi R cubed. It should be four thirds Pi R cubed.

Factual error: When the group from Cheltenham arrive to play hockey, the name is spelt wrong on the bus. It's spelt Chelteham.

Revealing mistake: There is one shot where Andrea, whilst dancing to avoid the security beams guarding the picture, puts her leg through a beam but nothing happens.

Deliberate mistake: After the heist, when Taylor and Andrea are told they have only three minutes to the end of the show, there is an overhead shot of them on the zip line that is flipped. Note that Cheltenham and St. Trinian's have switched sides and the letters on the prop books behind them are backwards.

Continuity mistake: During the grand final of School Challenge, in every overhead shot of the zip line, host Stephen Fry is seen below wearing the mortarboard, but in all shots facing him he is bare-headed.

Continuity mistake: On the school trip to the National Gallery, Kelly finds the painting’s location on the far wall facing her, with marble trimmed doorways behind her within an open area, directly opposite the painting. The girls’ plan is based on this location. However, when Kelly, Taylor and Andrea reach the painting during the heist, entirely different walls with paintings are opposite the painting.

Continuity mistake: After Kelly uses the crossbow, the line is wrapped around the banister, centered between the ten balusters. In following shots, it’s either at the right end of the banister, or just hanging over the banister, or wrapped at the center again.

Deliberate mistake: As Kelly begins to make her way across the zip line over the audience, the overhead shot looking down at her is a flipped shot. Note that her watch is now on her right wrist, whereas in the previous and following shots it’s on her left wrist.

Continuity mistake: When the girls give Annabelle all the makeovers, the first is 'odds', second is 'chavs' (with gold necklaces and side ponytail), third is 'posh totty', fourth is 'geeks', and before the fifth 'emo' makeover, Annabelle is made up like a chav once again.

Continuity mistake: When Flash gives a lesson on crime, he asks for ideas, and the girls raise their hands. In the shot from behind the girls, the first girl he points to for an answer sits at the very left (his right) of the class, and we also see Taylor’s back as her hand is raised, who sits towards the center of the class. However, in the next close-up it’s Taylor who answers with extortion.

Continuity mistake: When Bursar puts the whistle in his mouth at the start of the hockey game the whistle is upside down, but as it drops out of his mouth, after blowing it, it’s right-side up.

Continuity mistake: When Annabelle is in the shower, the overhead videocam turns and we see its feed on the laptop. In this shot, as it pans the shower from left to right, the shelf is visible on the right wall, with nothing hanging from its hooks. However, a few shots later a girl removes the towel and robe that are hanging from those hooks.

Continuity mistake: When Kelly and Annabelle are walking toward Annabelle's bed, Andrea is walking behind them, and as Annabelle says "Goths, " Andrea is standing right beside her. Yet in the next shot, Andrea is lying on her bed, just as someone says "We're not Goths, we're Emos."

Deliberate mistake: When Annabelle uses her hockey stick to send her cell flying, the shot of the cell spinning in midair is a flipped shot. Note the board with name plaques behind the bust is backwards, and the glass amnesty box (for contraband) is now to the left instead of right.

Continuity mistake: At the start, when Annabelle and her father drive past the school’s front gate, the trees are in full bloom, covered in white flowers. Yet in the next shot from behind the car, the trees are bare. Then when Flash drives up to the front gate, the flowers are back, but in following shots the flowers are gone again.

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Annabelle Fritton: Daddy, you can't expect me to stay here, it's like Hogwarts for Pikeys!



The bust in the hall way of the school has a similarity to Alistar Sim, who played the Fritton sister (headmistress) and brother in the original films.