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Into the Wild

Chris (Emile Hirsch) dies of starvation, caused by eating a poisonous plant, in the bus in Alaska. Before dying, he imagines what it would be like if he were reunited with his family; he writes in a page of one of his books: "Happiness is real only when shared." Two weeks later, a couple of moose hunters stumble upon the bus and find his body. Chris's sister, Carine, takes her brother's ashes to the eastern seaboard in September 1992. One of the last images of the film is a photo taken by the real Chris McCandless of himself sitting outside the bus.

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Christopher McCandless: Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness... Give me truth.



When Chris is sleeping in his yellow car during the thunderstorm, he gets hit by a flash flood. Afterwards he abandons his car and removes his licence plates. His plates are: UW4-924. A few minutes later his parents decide to visit Chris in Atlanta. We then see a shot of a white car on the freeway, which has the exact same licence plate (UW4-924).



Hal Holbrook was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his role as Ron Franz. At the age of 82, Holbrook became the oldest nominee in Oscar history.


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