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Continuity mistake: When Memphis is taken hostage his telephone falls on the middle of the sidewalk. In the next shot it lies on the edge.

Revealing mistake: When the police dog wants to attack Swagger and bites the cop instead, it's obvious the cop wears thick protection under his coat sleeve.


Other mistake: In a whole lot of scenes, Bob closes both his eyes when he fires his sniper rifle. This is a common and natural reaction when an inexperienced shooter fires a gun. An experienced hunter or marksman would never do that, and especially not a military sniper.

Revealing mistake: When Gunny snipers the shotgun (and hand) off the bad guy in the snow covered mountains, his rifle is right-handed bolt, and he shoots right-handed except for the mountain scenes. He closes his right eye before he shoots, and it even shows a close-up of his left finger on the trigger, obviously a flipped shot.

Audio problem: Right after Swagger takes the first shot at the helicopter with his M82A1, we see him from the behind reaching his hand to reload the rifle. We hear this metallic sound of reloading but if you look carefully, his hand doesn't even touches the cocking handle.

Continuity mistake: When Swagger is fixing himself up in the FBI car, the amount of blood behind him keeps changing from shot to shot.


Factual error: Camp Lemonier is placed in Djibouti, not in Ethiopia.


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Bob Lee Swagger: Not bad for a poodle shooter with a makeshift silencer, huh?



When Swagger is recuperating from the makeshift operation, it's shown that he has a third nipple below the left nipple.


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