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Jumanji mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter rolls the dice prior to letting the monkeys loose, whilst him and Judy are in the attic, he rolls both "1"'s. The sides of the dice which are visible read "3" on one die and "4" on the other. Then when it cuts to a closeup of the boardpiece moving, the "4" now reads a "2", and the dice have also moved position.

Continuity mistake: When the Aunt flags down the cop car, the cop has his seat belt on, as the plant starts coming in the car to grab him and the car. He jumps out of the car without ever undoing his seat belt.

Continuity mistake: When Alan is trapped on the floor, and the game is placed over his head, Sarah rolls the dice which fall on the lower left corner. When the angle changes they've moved further to the right.

Revealing mistake: When Alan's merged with the floor and the first huge spider shows up, there's a thin wire coming out of its rear to make the animatronic move.

Continuity mistake: When Judy is talking with Carl outside the front of their house as Alan examines the police car, Judy's pigtails are alternatively in front of, or behind her shoulders during shots.

Jumanji mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Peter runs out of the attic to the woodshed to get the axe, to the left of the attic door is a large filing cabinet, with nothing in front of it or beside it. Yet later when Peter is swinging the axe at the spiders, and following shots, a green suitcase has appeared in front if it.

Revealing mistake: During the monsoon scene, everyone is on a table trying to climb on the chandelier. Peter has been turned into a monkey, and his face is covered in hair and has the characterists of a monkeys face, yet in shots when they are on the table, like when the crocodile snaps at them on the table, just before Alan lifts Peter onto the chandelier, you can see the plain face of his stunt double, with no monkey features! Robin William's and Bonnie Hunt's doubles are rather obvious in these same shots too.

Continuity mistake: When Alan is trying to get Jumanji back from the pelican, he grabs a fish from the water, and his sleeve becomes soaking wet. In the next shot his sleeve is bone dry.

Jumanji mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At the construction site, Alan claws through the mud, to get to the large metal box. His fingers get covered in mud, yet as he pulls the box out of the mud, and in following shots, the tops of his fingers and his fingernails are very clean.

Jumanji mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Sarah, Judy and Peter are in the store, where the riot is going on, they spot the Jumanji Board Game sitting on the till counter. To the right of the till is a very large "Sand and Water Activity Table" box. In one shot the box it facing so you can see the upper part/top of the box. It then cuts, and the box has mysteriously rotated 180°, so that you can now see the lower part/bottom of the box! In the same shots, there is a trolley by the till, with some items and a box in it. Cut back to the trolley and there's now two boxes in it! It then cuts, and the box is back to it's original position, and the box in the trolley disappears! If you look more closely, the entire shelf unit behind the counter is completely different!!!

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene with the big tarantulas, many times you can see the strings attached behind them, especially the one Peter swings the axe at.

Factual error: When it's 1968 we see a boy (I'm not sure which one so you'll have to look) riding a Shwinn Sting-Ray Krate Grey Ghost. That bike didn't come out until 1971 and they only made them that one year.

Jumanji mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the insect sits on the windowshield of the car Robin Williams says that the insects can't make a hole, they are safe, then the insect makes a hole, the car drives away creating havoc on the road because of extreme bad driving. The car stops, they get out, then there is no hole in the windowshield.

Jumanji mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Carl's cop car has the licence plate "G2298" which is printed thinly on the licence plate. Then, when the vine wraps around his car, and bends it in two, the licence plate is now "CFJB95", printed very boldly on the plate. The words "POLICE 004" also differ, as does the bumper and the lights. Totally new car, methinks...

Continuity mistake: When the monkeys are destroying the kitchen the kids open the kitchen door and the monkey on top of the refrigerator knocks the cereal box to the floor. A few seconds later the cereal box is back on top of the refrigerator and the monkey knocks it over only spilling the contents.

Continuity mistake: In the supermarket, right before Peter spills detergent on the floor there's a shot of his feet walking by a shelf. The corner of the shelf is spotless, yet a frame later, from a wider angle, it's all covered with garbage.

Continuity mistake: When the pelican grabs the game, there's a wide shot of Alan running behind the bird. The damage on the side of the arch behind is bigger than it was in the immediate previous shot.

Continuity mistake: During the stampede, when the four are watching the animals pass by the hall, Sarah is randomly next to Alan or behind him. Also, when the stampede ends, the four swap from being separate to firmly together in a mere frame.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene when the pods and vines start growing all over the lounge, there is one shot of a green vine crawling towards a carpet, and then slithering under. Watch closely, near the carpet, and you can see the wire attached to, and controlling the vine, because the light shines on it, exposing it rather well for a second.

Jumanji mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Van Pelt comes out of Jumanji, he starts shooting at Alan. Alan then runs through the brown doors, and Van Pelt shoots, misses, and blows a large hole into the door. Yet when they all return to the room, the hole in the door is smaller.

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Sarah Whittle: A little rain never hurt anybody.
Alan Parrish: Yeah, but a lot can kill ya.



Jonathan Hyde plays both Mr. Parrish and the villain Van Pelt - a nod to Peter Pan, in which the same actor usually plays both Mr. Darling and Captain Hook. Interestingly, Robin Williams had played Peter Pan in Hook a few years earlier.