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Rocky Balboa

New this month Factual error: The three scorecards of 95-94 for the Dixon vs Balboa fight could not possibly be scored that way for a ten-round professional fight in which so many knockdowns occurred. Each fighter went down multiple times, which would've resulted in a much lower set of numbers using the ten-point-must system enforced in Nevada (and pretty much everywhere else).

Revealing mistake: At the beginning of the HBO broadcast, some brief clips of Mason "The Line" Dixon in action are shown. Look closely at one clip where he's wearing white trunks, and you'll see "TARVER" written across the front in big black letters, revealing, of course, that it's a real-life clip of boxer/actor Antonio Tarver.

Audio problem: Rocky is trying to convince Marie to work at his restaurant, outside of her apartment. The close up shot of him talking about a bus coming down the street and hitting him does not match his mouth movements, when they go to a long shot.

Continuity mistake: After the final fight Rocky is walking to the dressing room and waving to the fans. He then stops and hugs Spider, then Marie and her son and then Duke and they walk off. The camera then goes back into the ring where they announce Dixon has won. But in the bottom left of the screen you can see Duke still in the ring but he had already left and had gone back into the dressing room.

Continuity mistake: When you see Mason sitting in his corner and he leans over to look at Rocky and then you see Rocky's calf flex. Dixon is not wearing boxing gloves, he only has tape on his hands.

Continuity mistake: When Rocky is outside of Marie's place convincing her to visit the restaurant, her necklace keeps disappearing and reappearing between shots.

Other mistake: Jim Lampley reacts to a knockdown by saying "That could be the end of the fight right there," then quickly adds "but no!" when he sees that Rocky is getting up. The problem is, we hear the "but no!" just before we see any sign that Rocky is going to get up.

Character mistake: In the scene where Spider quotes from the Bible to Rocky before the fight, he quotes the verse as Zechariah 4:6 and then quotes the beginning of that verse but the end of another verse, 1st Corinthians 15:57.

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The actor who plays Spider Rico is indeed the same actor who played him in the 1976 original film (Pedro Lovell).