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The Dark Knight

Continuity mistake: When Joker puts the smoke bomb inside the bank manager's mouth, watch a green sign behind lying on the floor, with a tree painted on it. It has a stick on top which moves around between shots with no one touching it.

The Dark Knight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the interrogation scene, when Batman beats up Joker, Joker's hands are holding Batman's forearms upside down (from underneath). When the frame changes his hands are now on top of Batman's forearms, then it cuts back and his hands are under again.

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Visible crew/equipment: During Batman's interrogation of the Joker, when he picks him up and slams him against the wall, for a very brief moment you can see the camera and the cameraman in the reflection of the mirror on the right.

The Dark Knight mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In opening scene of the aerial view of the building adjacent to the bank, you can see the reflection of the filming helicopter on the left side of the building.

The Dark Knight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the bank scene, the Joker shoots the bus driver and he falls dead in front of the bus. As the Joker approaches the Bank manager to put the gas can in his mouth, you can still see the body. But after he removes his mask and walks toward the bus, the driver's body is gone.

Continuity mistake: In the interrogation scene, when Joker sits on the floor, in one shot there's cracks all over the wall, but in the next one there is only one crack, and then again it is full of cracks.

Continuity mistake: In the chasing scene where the Peterbilt truck hits a swat van, the truck's right front light is damaged. In the next scene, the light seems to be undamaged and then, damaged again.

Continuity mistake: When Dent dies, his right arm's position keeps changing between shots.


Continuity mistake: The Joker fires a rocket-propelled grenade at the Tumbler, sending it crashing end over end. In the final tumble, as it loses the last of its momentum, it's rolling to rest on its roof. The camera angle then changes and it's suddenly regained momentum, rolling again so it lands on its wheels.


Revealing mistake: In the scene where Batman is taking down the SWAT members to prevent them from harming the wrong people, one of the SWAT guys is lying on the ground and attempts to stand up. The clip for his gun contacts the ground and flexes like a rubber stunt gun would, not a real clip and gun.


Continuity mistake: When Joker is looking for Harvey, he grabs Rachael and holds her head. Camera cuts and his grip on her head/face changed instantly.

The Demon

Factual error: When they reconstruct the bullet in the scanner, the fingerprint goes the whole way down to the bottom of the bullet. This would not be the correct pattern, as there should be a blank ring at the bottom where the bullet would have been covered by the casing.

Revealing mistake: In the opening sequence, when the robbers are on the zip line, two Chicago Police squad cars (white cars with blue markings), not Gotham PD (blue with white markings) can be seen blocking off Van Buren Street for the filming.

Revealing mistake: As Harvey Dent is tied up in the warehouse with the explosive barrels talking to Rachel, if you look in the lower right hand corner of the screen, a green blanket on the floor moves up slightly as Harvey tries to get out of his restraints. It's too far away for Harvey to touch. A person's fingers or hand is also momentarily visible in the previous establishing shot when Dent is regaining consciousness.

Continuity mistake: When Eric Roberts gets in the car with Two-Face, the car seems to go from being parked to going full-speed in a split-second. As he's getting in the car, Roberts is talking to his driver, and just as he sits down, he sees Two-Face, and the background appears to be moving by very quickly behind him. The car wouldn't have had time to even pull away from the curb yet.

Continuity mistake: During the chase on Lower Fifth, the refuse truck's left headlamp is alternately present and lit, or completely missing (not just unlit).


Revealing mistake: When Harvey Dent turns on the Bat Signal, Lt. Gordon comes out of the rooftop stairwell. As the door opens you can see that there is no back to the stairwell enclosure, and you can see the city.

Other mistake: The television that Lau used to communicate with the crime lords was a regular set carried in by Lau's operatives and placed on the table (which didn't have a mic or camera on it), and there were no cameras in the room. So how was Lau able to see/hear/interact with the crime lords?


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene were the Joker first meets the mobsters you can see the reflection of the green screen on the table.

The Dark Knight mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the Joker reveals to Batman that he's also got Rachel, Batman slams the Joker into the wall. The tiles behind the Joker's head have little cracks in them. Cut to another shot from the side, all the cracks are gone.


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The Joker: Why so serious?



To prepare for his role as the Joker, Heath Ledger lived alone in a hotel room for a month, formulating the character's psychology, posture and voice (the last one he found most difficult to do). He started a diary, in which he wrote the Joker's thoughts and feelings to guide himself during his performance. He was also given Alan Moore's comic "Batman: The Killing Joke" and "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth" to read. Ledger also took inspiration from Alex in A Clockwork Orange(1971) and Sid Vicious.


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