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The Car

Corrected entry: When 'The Car' charges at two oncoming police cars, it leaps up and barrel-rolls sideways over the top of the squad cars. One of the front wheels falls off, but when the Car lands and drives off, all four wheels are fine.

Correction: The car also has no dents or scratches from doing that. It's a supernatural car, with no driver, no effect from being shot at with revolvers or shotguns, or broken glass when it should have shattered many times over. It's not too much of a stretch, if we accept all that, to have the car replace its' wheel in midair.


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When 'The Car' catches the truck, it tries to shove it off the road. The 3rd attempt happens as the Car gets very close to the camera, then veers across the screen, our left to right. The clear shadows of several crew members aboard the camera truck are visible on the front of the Car.


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