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Gone With The Wind

Continuity mistake: When Scarlett shoots the Yankee intruder her bun is tied into a hairnet. When she searches his body and drags him away the net covers most of her head.

Revealing mistake: After Frank Kennedy's death Scarlett is drinking in her bedroom, sees Rhett approaching, and races to the mirror to brush her hair. She does not actually touch her hair with the brush strokes, probably so as not to disturb her hair as done up by the makeup staff.

Continuity mistake: When Scarlett sees Frank Kennedy while she's working in the hospital, there is something on the left side of Frank's face in the close up shot of him. In the next shot that shows Scarlett and Frank, it is no longer there.

Continuity mistake: When Uncle Peter is chasing Aunt Pittipat's last rooster the poor creature passes by the same stack of wood twice in successive shots.

Visible crew/equipment: When the O'Hara family does their prayer you see two boom mike shadows on the ceiling.

Continuity mistake: When Scarlett is flirting with the Tarleton twins dogs and horses in the background appear and disappear in a very discontinuous way.

Continuity mistake: When Rhett pours Mammy a drink on the day of Bonnie's birth he has a cigar in his mouth. When the camera angle changes he is holding the cigar in the hand that holds the glass.

Continuity mistake: When Rhett visits Scarlett after Frank Kennedy's death she keeps weeping into her handkerchief. But all of a sudden there is no handkerchief and she is wiping her nose with her hands.

Continuity mistake: When the protagonists drive through the burning Atlanta a few looters are after the horse. Rhett knocks down on of them while the buggy is still moving, and in the next shot they are back at the spot where they were was before the guy attacked them.

Continuity mistake: After Ashley has been shot during the raid of the shantytown Scarlett sits on his bed, holding his hand against her bosom. When Rhett asks her if she isn't interested in her husband's fate she is seen from the front, with no sign of Ashley's hand.

Revealing mistake: When Scarlett runs out of the Wilkes's house calling for Rhett after Melanie dies, she bumps into a pillar that supposedly helps support the house/porch. The pillar wriggles quite violently at her touch, revealing it as a simple stage prop and not part of the house.

Continuity mistake: While Gerald is speaking to Scarlett about Tara and land, the close-up shot shows that his hand and riding crop are up near her shoulder. When the shot changes to the wide angle with the matte painting background, his arm is down near her waist.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Scarlett shoots the Yankee deserter, look at the large window at the top of the staircase. Not only is the glass strangely opaque, but there is the silouhette of a tree being cast on it from a tree which is obviously directly outside the window. When Melanie opens the window to call out to Suellen and Carreen, the tree is not only about 15 feet from the window, its also significantly shorter than you would expect from its shadow. In fact, it comes nowhere near as far as the window ledge, let alone the window itself.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Bonnie and Rhett have just arrived back from London, Bonnie runs up the stairs to greet her Mom, arms flying all over the place. In the next shot, Bonnie is holding the kitten that Rhett bought her.

Continuity mistake: When Gerald O'Hara comes back from his afternoon ride he meets Scarlett in the fields. In the middle of the conversation, while they are walking along, the formerly bright sky all of a sudden turns to a dusky red, and Scarlett has a new hairdo that covers her ears.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of part 2 Scarlett walks by her sisters who are working in the field, carrying two water buckets. They start arguing, and Scarlett slaps Suellen, without any indication that she had put the buckets down. In the next shot we see her bending forward to pick up the buckets again.

Continuity mistake: When Aunt Pittipat leaves Atlanta Scarlett and Dr. Meade are standing in the walkway to the house and talking. The moment the aunt drives off Scarlett is standing all by herself (and loudly cursing Melanie and her baby).

Continuity mistake: After Frank Kennedy's death Scarlett is drinking in her bedroom. She takes his picture, which is standing on the dressing table, and turns it on its face. In one close-up shot this picture is placed on a piece of lace, in all others not. When she finally leaves the room the picture is gone completely, and also all other things on the dresswing table are rearranged.

Revealing mistake: After Frank Kennedy's death Scarlett is sitting in her room, "mourning" and drinking. When she hears Rhett's carriage she goes to the window. In this moment you see shadows, either from crew members or equipment, cast through the room, especially visible on the bottle on the table. There is also some funny shift of the backdrop outside the window.

Revealing mistake: There is a very short scene in the second half of the film where Mrs Meade and Dolly Merriweather are sitting at a tea table gossiping about Scarlett's behaviour. There is a teapot in the middle of the table, and Dolly Merriweather is sitting behind it. Yet the teapot is casting a shadow on the wall and Mrs. Merriweather isn't.

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Rhett Butler: No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly. That's what's wrong with you. You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how.



After Margret Mitchell's (author of "Gone With the Wind") husband saw the scene with all the wounded soldiers in Atlanta he is reported to have said that "if we had had that many soldiers, we wouldn't have lost the war in the first place."