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Hot Dog... The Movie

Continuity mistake: In the first skiing sequence with the rad pack, Michelle "Banana Pants" jacket changes from red to blue between shots.

Mister Ed

Revealing mistake: When Harkin Banks almost loses control and skis through the lodge, the jump ramp is visible as the woman opens the door.

Mister Ed

Visible crew/equipment: Camera crew reflection visible on Squirrel Murphy's helmet.

Mister Ed

Continuity mistake: In the final downhill race, the racers shadows change between almost every shot suggesting it was filmed at different times of the day.

Mister Ed
Hot Dog... The Movie mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When the Rad Pack first meets and are skiing together, Dan O'Callahan is wearing a blue baseball cap and sunglasses. In some later shots he is wearing a stocking cap and goggles.

Mister Ed

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During the Chinese downhill, many of the skiers are wearing Bell Helmets. Bell was a major sponsor of the movie.


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