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Saw II

Continuity mistake: Jonas is listening to the tape again. When the door opens, the tape stops playing. But you don't see Jonas stop the tape, and there is more left on the tape as we have heard it before.

Saw II mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Crew is reflected in one of the large white SWAT vans which pulls up outside Wilson Steel factory.

Continuity mistake: When Amanda and Daniel entered the bathroom from 'Saw', Adam's body is shown with his right leg shackled. However, in 'Saw' and in Amanda's flashback in 'Saw III', his left leg is shackled.

Saw II mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Amanda falls into the pit of syringes and is dragged out by Eric's son, she is covered in blood from being stabbed with many syringes, but in every scene after that she has no blood stains on her skin or clothes.

Revealing mistake: When Obi is getting burned you can some times see the end of the oven on the side for were the camera can see inside the oven.

Continuity mistake: When Glenn Plummer gets the spiked baseball bat in the head, the camera shows two shots of the blood coming out of his head on the floor, and there's not much there. When the guy who killed him walks over to read the number on the back of his head, there is now a huge amount of blood, not enough time has passed in the 2 seconds since the previous shot for this to happen.

Deliberate mistake: Right after the guy gets shot through the door, it goes back to detective Matthew, and there is a small cut above his right eye. in the next shot its above his left eye, then back. Meaning the shot is backwards.

Continuity mistake: Obi grabs the two syringes. However when he is being burnt, one is back on the chain.

Continuity mistake: The tape on the picture that Daniel has keeps changing. In some shots it's all nice and neat; in others it's curled up and taped to itself.

Continuity mistake: When we see the envelope with Obi's name on it, the position of the knife through the envelope changes three or four times. At one point it is by the "b" in Obi and in another it's above the "o".

Continuity mistake: The position of Det. Matthews' cigarette in the ashtray changes when he's arguing with Det. Kerry about her being the "Jigsaw expert."

Continuity mistake: When the people spot the envelope with Obi's name on it, the blade of the knife holding the envelope changes angle between shots. It goes from vertical to horizontal.

Continuity mistake: After Xavier kills Jonas with the spiked baseball bat, we see Amanda, Daniel, Addison and Laura in a hallway. Laura collapses to the ground due to the nerve gas that they've all been inhaling. Between shots her left arm moves from her stomach to across her right shoulder.

Continuity mistake: In the part right before the girl is thrown in the heroine needle pit, Jonas takes the envelope with the drug dealers tape. When the cop's son pulls the cover off the pit, you can see that the envelope that Jonas just ripped off is still on. It's right near the bottom of the screen, and in the middle.

Continuity mistake: When Amanda is thrown into the pit of needles, in some shots there is only one, while in others, there are two or more stuck in her back. Also, in some shots the needles are pointed at an angle, whereas in others, they are pointed almost straight up. (Uncut Edition)

Other mistake: In the crematorium trap, near the end of the scene where the doomed character dies, his jeans should be entirely burnt due to the flames, yet they are not. This was corrected however i have personally tested it. For the amount of time that this character was in flames his jeans would have turned black from the soot created when jeans burn. Test it yourself.

Saw II mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene, the helmet closes on the guy's head. Inside there are spikes on all sides, but when his head falls to the ground the blood only comes out the bottom. The spikes should have also gone into the other side of his head and blood should have run down his face to the floor.

Continuity mistake: Right at the end, the amount of blood and cuts on Jigsaw's face changes when he is in the van with Det. Matthews.

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Jigsaw: Oh yes...there will be blood.



In Jigsaws lair, where he was caught, you can see items around the room from the house in which the 8 victims were being held. You can see the oar Amanda picks up from the basement and the X marks the spot photograph. These are clues to show that the camera footage is recorded. This is confirmed on the DVD commentary.