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Ernest Saves Christmas

Continuity mistake: The strings of lights for the reindeer reins change continuously from one strand to two.

Continuity mistake: The position of the man on the crate after he is crushed by it changes.

Revealing mistake: One of the reindeer's "power-up" lights turns on before its name is called.

Continuity mistake: When Ernest picks up the Christmas tree from the freeway, he throws the Christmas tree into his taxi. It smashes the driver-side rear window. But, when he drives away, that window is still intact.

Revealing mistake: When Ernest arrives on the sleigh, the lady with Santa starts to brush away the snow before it starts flying around her head.

Revealing mistake: At beginning of the movie when Ernest is taking the guy to the airport and his car jumps the bump in the road and goes in to the air, sparks fly from underneath before the car touches the pavement.

Revealing mistake: When Ernest is talking to the receptionist at the talent agency, as an old woman, you can see film lights reflected in his glasses. The lights aren't there in the opposite angle.


Revealing mistake: When Ernest jumps the luggage trying to get the airport, sparks fly from out of the car. If you look, they aren't coming from where the car is hitting, but a spark generator on the front of the car.


Visible crew/equipment: At the end of the film, when Ernest comes in with the sleigh, the camera moves down to ground level as the actors on the ground are shouting at him. When the camera is descending, it creates a shadow on several of the characters as well as the ground.


Continuity mistake: Right after Santa Claus tells Ernest that he doesn't have money, the clothing that the girl is wearing changes.

Continuity mistake: After Ernest runs over the spike strip, the truck continues rolling, but a few seconds later it is shown sitting directly on the spike strip.

Continuity mistake: The first time we see Ernest driving the cab the passenger pats his shoulder telling him to hurry up. The passengers hand was on his shoulder when he said this but in the next shot both his hands are on his briefcase.

Audio problem: When Ernest pushes the cart with the passenger on it, he accidentally goes into the conveyor, Ernest says, "Have a nice day." When Ernest says this, his lips don't move when he says it.


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