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The Frighteners
The Frighteners mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: Outside the chapel, when Frank backs into the pedestal the statue begins to topple over. In the shot facing up, as the pedestal falls and Frank puts his arms out to catch the statue, the wires used in this stunt are perfectly visible.

Revealing mistake: After Lucy discovers Mrs. Bradley in her bed, as she fights off and runs from Patricia, it is obvious that she wears knee pads for these shots.

Continuity mistake: At the Bradley house, when Patricia runs to and then up the stairs, to try and get away from the ghost, the blood stains on Patricia's white robe change position.

The Frighteners mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Mrs. Waterhouse walks into the livingroom and greets her three babies, there is a large area rug in front of the coffee table. However, as the babies fly towards her in the wide shot facing her, that area rug is gone!

Continuity mistake: At Mrs. Waterhouse's home, the large potted tree, beside the doorway with the bouncing baby, is visible in consecutive shots and the leaves' position obviously differs in those shots.

Revealing mistake: As the three babies fly towards Mrs. Waterhouse, when they land on her it is blatantly apparent that they're merely three dolls in this shot. She actually grips two from behind and the center doll is attached to her as she moves backwards. Also, in the shot facing the babies the center baby is in the bouncer seat with the rod attachment overhead, yet, in the shot facing Mrs. Waterhouse the rod attachment is gone.

Continuity mistake: Frank catches the statue, that he accidentally knocks over near the chapel. The way he catches it is completely different in the first shot facing up and the next close-up.

Revealing mistake: At the Fairwater Tuberculosis Sanatorium, when Agent Dammers shoots Frank in his left arm, the white wrapping around his arm, where the bullet holes appear, is visible under Frank's short sleeve.

Continuity mistake: While Lucy is on the floating bed, only the floral blanket that Ray tossed is on the floor. After Ray helps Lucy off, they sit together across the room and in the next shot when the bed lands, the floral blanket and now a pink blanket are on the floor near the bed. When Lucy screams as Raggedy Anne pulls on her, the two blankets are visible across the floor and their positions differ.

Continuity mistake: When Lucy is stuck on the floating bed the pillows are visible and when Ray helps her down the left pillow sham is lying flat. However, when the bed lands all the pillows and shams are upright and neat.

Continuity mistake: When Frank arrives at the Lynskeys to take care of their ghost problem, he drives onto their lawn again. In the wide shot he takes down a piece of the picket fence, which falls squarely on top of the little statues, including little Bonzo's grave, and proceeds to drive toward the house. However, the next close-up is of the statues, who are still standing, and as the car runs over them the picket fence does not slam down on them like in the wide shot of the 'same' action.

Continuity mistake: When the 3 "flying" babies crash into their mother, look at the one in the red clothes. In the wider shot it has a lot of dribble on its chin, but this vanishes in the closer shot.

Visible crew/equipment: During the scene where Frank's ghost pals haunt Lucy and Ray's house, Ray begins hitting a moving Raggedy Anne doll that is near them on the ground. Look closely - behind the doll you can see a black bar that is mounted to the ground, causing the doll to jump and move.

Continuity mistake: After Frank destroys Ray's fence, he backs the car over Budzo (the ceramic little gnome), crushing it on the lawn. Yet, when Ray picks him up crying out, "Oh, my Budzo! My Budzo!" he is holding the gnome's uncrushed head!

The Frighteners mistake picture

Continuity mistake: At her house, Patricia runs away from the ghost and when she first enters the kitchen the countertops beside the sinks are completely bare. However, a few shots later there are neat stacks of china on the countertops, ready to fly off in the mayhem!

Plot hole: There is no way that Dammers could know that Frank and Lucy were in the old hospital trying to get the Johnnie's ashes in the chapel.


Other mistake: When Frank first runs into Ray's ghost on the street, and they duck into an alleyway to talk, Ray accidentally calls Frank (Michael J. Fox) by his real name "Mike" instead of his character name "Frank." Ray says "I felt this vise-like grip squeezing my heart, and I couldn't breathe, Mike."


Revealing mistake: A squib (a small explosive device) is seen on Frank's arm when Dammers shoots him.

Continuity mistake: At the cemetery, as Frank grabs Ray the ghost to pull him from his grave, the grave diggers are seen shoveling dirt into the half-filled hole. A few seconds later, Frank yanks Ray out and the grave is now completely filled and the grave diggers are gone.


Visible crew/equipment: When Frank is walking down the street, after he walks into the pierced man in the grim reaper T-shirt (Peter Jackson in a cameo) when he walks across the street when he gets hit by the black hearse, the camera man, the camera and a few crewmembers are visible in the car door.


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At the beginning of the film Lucy and Ray watch a videotape called 'Murders, Madmen and Phychopaths', with the news report of Johnny Charles Bartlett. The reporter is a genuine TV reporter in NZ (where the film was shot), cast presumably due to her real American accent.


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