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Love, Honour and Obey

Continuity mistake: When the South Gangster has Mug written over his car for the first time by Tony, at one point the wife is hugging the son and there is a bag of shopping right next to them, but when the shot changes the son is not being hugged and the bag is moved.


Continuity mistake: When Ray gives his girlfriend the present right at the start, her bag moves up her arm when the shot changes.


Visible crew/equipment: When Tony goes to steal the drugs from the car, you can see the crew reflected in the driver's sun glasses.


Continuity mistake: When the south gang are driving away in their green van and it gets shot, the bullet holes change position from the inside shot and the outside shot.


Visible crew/equipment: When Jude and Tony are going to smoke in the toilets, you can see the reflection of the camera man and his boom mic in the door.

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