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Layer Cake

Factual error: When the pills are being recovered in the mock police raid, we see, several times, an observer watching through binoculars. We see his eye enlarged, despite our looking the wrong way down the lens.

Continuity mistake: When XXXX is awakened by Dragan's phone call, there is a gun lying on his pillow. In the overhead shot the gun is pointing in one direction; in subsequent shots it is pointing the other way.

Factual error: (At 56:26) XXXX is dropped off by Eddie Temple. As you'll notice the car drives straight off (at 56:31). This not is possible as the road that XXXX lives at 7 Queens Gate Mews, Kensington is a cul-de-sac (no through road). The car would not have been able to go anywhere.

Deliberate mistake: Slavo and Dragan are supposed to be Serbians but they speak Romanian.

Revealing mistake: When Gene's bodyguard (the one with the moustache) shoots Slasher and Duke, just before Slasher is shot the bullet hole effect is visible on her forehead (sightly concealed by make-up) just before the actual 'shot'.

Continuity mistake: After XXXX places the telephone call before being abducted from his apartment by Eddie Temple's thugs, he throws down the cell phone on the bed. In the next shot when Tammy comes out of the bathroom, the cell phone is gone.

Visible crew/equipment: SPOILER: When XXXX gets shot at the end of the movie, a simulated blood packet is visible being shot at him, not a bullet.

Continuity mistake: Lucky's body changes positions several times after he is shot dead.

Continuity mistake: When XXXX goes to lunch with the boss at the clubhouse at the beginning of the movie, the position and composition of golfers on the green and golf bags propped at the flagpole changes between the aerial and ground shot.

Continuity mistake: When Tammy is undressing, she pulls off her top and is not wearing a bra. Moments later, when pulling on her nylons, the bottom of a black bra can be seen at the top of the frame. This is the same bra that she puts on to finish her outfit.

Continuity mistake: SPOILER: The pistol featured on the movie cover is not the identical gun used during Gene's flashback. Although it's said to be the same murder weapon, both guns can be set apart when Gene opens his hidden cache of weapons. One gun has a noticeably blue handle.

Continuity mistake: When Lucky is with XXXX looking for Dragan at the top of Greenwich Hill the cross hairs in the telescopic sight appear and disappear between shots.

Continuity mistake: When XXXX and Gene are drinking at Gene's apartment, the whiskey bottles change positions between shots.

Revealing mistake: When XXXX is in Greenwich Park with Mr. Lucky and he gets shot, Dragan shoots at the grass in front of XXXX. Grass is thrown into the air, and you can see white smoke coming from an explosive for the special effects.

Continuity mistake: When XXXX is dropped off by Eddie Temple he is wearing a dressing gown, but the next shot is of him in his kitchen pouring a drink wearing a T-shirt and jacket, all worked up and agitated by the news he's just heard.

Deliberate mistake: The scene where XXXX gives Dragan the package next to the statue in Greenwich park is incorrect: Greenwich park is surrounded by fences and shut at night between 6pm in the winter and 10pm in the summer when it is still light.

Continuity mistake: When XXXX and Gene are drinking whiskey at Gene's flat, XXXX fills the glass closest to him first, but when the camera switches through the table, the glass closest to him is empty and he has filled up Gene's glass first.

Visible crew/equipment: The white safety wire attached to XXXX can be seen when the camera pulls up after he is dangled over the edge of the building by Eddie Temple's thugs.

Audio problem: When XXXX is drinking whiskey at Gene's flat, XXXX's mouth moves before he takes a drink but there is no sound, the audio of "You find peace with guns" is said whilst XXXX is drinking.

Continuity mistake: Dragan shoots XXXX's sniper - he is shown, dead, to XXX's right. Then, during the telephone conversation which follows, the sniper's suitcase is to the right of XXXX but the body is not to be seen.


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[Dragan is threatening XXXX over the phone.]
XXXX: Dragan, I've got an idea. Why don't you come round for breakfast? I'll squeeze some orange juice and grind some coffee and we can talk about this like adults. How does that sound?
Dragan: Sounds very hospitable.
XXXX: Do you know where I live?
Dragan: No.
XXXX: Well fuck off, then.
[Hangs up.].



In the final scene were XXXX is in the Park club dining with Trever, Morty, Gene, and Clarkey there is a shot outside the room looking in where XXXX is standing and the others are raising their glasses to him. This is similar to the final scene in 'The Godfather'. This is said during the director's commentary.