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Trivia: When Alan and Fermat are in Thunderbird One a puppet hand is lowered onto the controls in place of Fermat's.

Trivia: Director Jonathan Frakes has a cameo role as a policeman at the end of the movie.

Trivia: When the hood is forcing Brains to stamp his hand, he says "Like a puppet on a string," a reference to the original series' string puppets.

Trivia: The reason Lady Penelope's car was not a Rolls Royce, as in the original series, is because Rolls Royce were concerned that should the film be a flop then that would affect its sales and reputation. The film did flop in the U.S. box office.


Trivia: The newscaster throughout the movie is Genie Francis, wife of the director Jonathan Frakes.

Trivia: Look at the hover bike the kids try to escape on, it has a seven printed on it. This is reference to the Thunderbirds each having a number on them (therefore saying this is the seventh Thunderbird). Thunderbird 6 was the title of an earlier Thunderbirds movie.

Trivia: Lady Penelope's pink car is not a Ford Thunderbird at all. The car was designed and made at Pinewood and Shepperton studios, using a specially designed engine, running gear, etc. Ford let them use the design for the front of the car from their current Thunderbird.


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When Alan, Vermont and TinTin are hanging upside down looking into the control room, TinTin's crystal is hanging around her neck, in the next shot it disappears then reappears in the 3rd shot.


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