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Trivia: When Alan and Fermat are in Thunderbird One a puppet hand is lowered onto the controls in place of Fermat's.

Trivia: Director Jonathan Frakes has a cameo role as a policeman at the end of the movie.

Trivia: When the hood is forcing Brains to stamp his hand, he says "Like a puppet on a string," a reference to the original series' string puppets.

Trivia: The reason Lady Penelope's car was not a Rolls Royce, as in the original series, is because Rolls Royce were concerned that should the film be a flop then that would affect its sales and reputation. The film did flop in the U.S. box office.


Trivia: The newscaster throughout the movie is Genie Francis, wife of the director Jonathan Frakes.

Trivia: Look at the hover bike the kids try to escape on, it has a seven printed on it. This is reference to the Thunderbirds each having a number on them (therefore saying this is the seventh Thunderbird). Thunderbird 6 was the title of an earlier Thunderbirds movie.

Trivia: Lady Penelope's pink car is not a Ford Thunderbird at all. The car was designed and made at Pinewood and Shepperton studios, using a specially designed engine, running gear, etc. Ford let them use the design for the front of the car from their current Thunderbird.



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