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A Cinderella Story

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Continuity mistake: At school, when Austin is putting up the Cinderella fliers, he tapes the fourth flier on the bulletin board under the word "pep" and over the letters "Fri" in the word Friday. Next shot, the flier has moved to the left, and is taped beside both words "pep" and "Friday".

Continuity mistake: After young Sam has carried the box of her belongings up to her new bedroom in the attic, she lies down on her bed and as the camera pulls back the window shade is all the way up. It cuts to a wideshot as the camera still pulls back in the rain, and the shade is lower now.

Continuity mistake: After young Sam loses her father in the Northridge earthquake (noted in voiceover), she appears alone on the ball field, at home plate. In the close-up much of the area is in shadow around her, but in the next wideshot the entire area is in sunlight with only the fence/backstop casting thin shadows.

Revealing mistake: After the dance, during the Mercedes vs. Jaguar "race" back to the diner, much of the entire scene takes place at the same intersection of Victory Blvd and Olive Ave, filmed from different angles. Note the Jiffy Lube and Enterprise (cars) on the corners, which are actually across the street from one another.

Continuity mistake: After the dance, when Fiona and the twins are in the Jaguar, and Carter and Sam are in the Mercedes, all driving to the diner, the views of the side streets they pass change back and forth, between close-ups and wideshots.

Visible crew/equipment: When David and Ryan force Austin to participate in the bachelorette 'Dating Game', the CD player sits on the bench beside Austin. When David introduces bachelorette 2, a yellow tape marker suddenly appears on the bench in front of the CD player, which promptly disappears in following shots. (Visible on fullscreen DVD.)

Continuity mistake: When Fiona and the "Siamese" twins are at the diner, Sam pops up from behind the window counter with some flour on her baseball cap, but in Sam's next close-up in the kitchen there is instantly much more flour on the cap.

Continuity mistake: At the start, when Sam is at school and texts "We talked this morning", her cell antenna is pulled out, but next shot the antenna is suddenly back in, though Sam's hands are in the same place.

Continuity mistake: At the start, when Sam is reading the text message from Austin stating "Where have u been? We haven't talked...", on the cell display there are two bars in the battery icon in this close-up, but as she replies "We talked this morning", the battery icon is empty in the semi close-up. Then, when she reads his reply in the close-up, once again there are two bars in the icon.

Continuity mistake: At the dance Sam is wearing silver non-platform stilettos with silvery nail polish on her toenails. As soon as Fiona and the "Siamese" twins leave the diner, in the kitchen a much relieved Sam shifts her white gown and she is wearing white platforms and her toenail polish is quite gone now.

Continuity mistake: When Austin is forced to sit on the bench to meet the bachelorettes, the large words "friendship circle" are above the bench. In the wideshots Austin sits in front of the "ship" part of the words and Ryan is in front of "circle", but in the close-ups Austin's in front of "friend" and Ryan's in front of "ship", about 2 ft to their right (viewer's left).

Visible crew/equipment: In the last scene, when Sam and Austin are at the San Fernando Valley overlook, at the start of the close-up of the Princeton decal on Sam's restored Mustang, the reflections of two crewmembers are visible on the car's surface above the decal. One on the left wearing a white shirt (with arms crossed) and one on the right that joins the one on the left.

Continuity mistake: When Gabriella chases Brianna into the car wash, Brianna knocks over a large metal bucket, yellow pails, etc onto the ground, but in the last shot one yellow pail is back against the wall and the metal bucket sits upright, among other changes.

Continuity mistake: At the car wash, when Gabriella grabs the window squeegee and threatens Brianna, she holds it with the sponge edge facing away from Brianna, but next shot as Brianna runs away the sponge edge suddenly faces the opposite direction.

Continuity mistake: After the twins enter the car wash, in the first shot when Gabriella walks through the vertical black cloth strips, with squeegee in hand, she is wearing the large hoop earrings. When it cuts to the next shot, as she shouts, "Bri?," her earrings are suddenly gone. This occurs before Brianna climbs onto Gabriella's shoulders.

Other mistake: When Sam is texting Austin, she gets the reply the split second after she sends her text. There isn't enough time for Austin to read the text and reply.

Factual error: During the opening credits, as Hal and 9 yr old Sam are driving down the street they pass several 2004 cars, including a Chrysler convertible. However, the opening scene takes place before the '94 Northridge earthquake, which is specifically noted in Sam's voiceover during the earthquake, and 8 years prior to the rest of the '04 film.

Continuity mistake: When Sam and Austin are talking about Princeton (through chatting and voiceover), Sam asks Austin if he's told his dad that he wants to go to Princeton, Austin types "He's got a whole other plan." but he says "He HAS a whole other."

Visible crew/equipment: The camera and a crew member can be seen in Gabriela's car when she is practicing her "speech" at the gas station.


Continuity mistake: When Sam is running away from Austin at the dance, the bottom of her dress is very dirty, it's almost black. When she runs inside and runs up the stairs, her dress is white again. This is confirmed on the commentary.

Continuity mistake: When Brianna and Gabriella are in the car wash, they get covered in soap suds. When they fall on top of the car, they are noticeably drier.

Continuity mistake: When Fiona is opening Sam's college envelope she puts a magazine and papers under her arm, but in the next shot there are only papers.

Other mistake: During the pep rally scene, when Shelby is staging the play, Gabriella comes out wearing a bridal gown. A couple of seconds later, she comes out wearing the "diner girl" outfit, complete with roller skates. There was not enough time for her to change so quickly.

Audio problem: When the twins are practicing in the house pool, one of them farts and you can hear her say "whoopsie" but her mouth doesn't move.

Audio problem: When Hilary Duff is Text Messaging her "Secret Admirer" the sounds of her pushing the phone's buttons don't match up with her fingers pushing the buttons.

Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the dance scene, when Sam gives Carter her phone so he can set the alarm, the phone isn't even on when he is programming it.

Continuity mistake: Right after the twin's swimming instructor says, "Push it ladies," three times, Gabriella reaches for Brianna's hands and grabs them. In the shot right after the fart, Gabriella is still reaching for Brianna's hands.

Continuity mistake: When Rhonda tells Fiona that she is going to find a place to put her six dollar pedicure, she puts her hand on the counter. In the next shot (from the back), her hand is down by her side.


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Sam: Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought, useless and disappointing!



The directors had Sam wear a lot of blue throughout the movie to standout and show she stood apart from everyone else. They tried to get all the other actors and extras to wear as little blue as possible. If you pay attention, Sam is often wearing blue and all the teenagers in the background wear jeans a lot less than you would probably see at a high school.