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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

Peter and White go into sudden death elimination at the dodgeball tournament and Peter wins. However, he had signed over Average Joe's to White for 100 thousand dollars the night before. But Peter used that money to gamble and made 5 millions dollars plus the 50 thousand prize for winning the doedgeball game. Peter buys Globo Gym's main stock and becomes the owner. White becomes grostesquely fat again (stay after all the credits to see a clip of what White is up to now!)

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White Goodman: Nobody makes me bleed my own blood.



When Ben Stiller goes to the girl's house in the white suit - she slams his head into the wall and a blood/makeup stain shows up...when the camera angle changes the stain is gone.



Make sure to stay after the credits have ended. There is an extra scene with Ben Stiller looking very different.


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