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Eraser mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Arnold is handed an upside down photograph of his friend's witness. As he views it the photograph is correctly oriented without being turned around.

Eraser mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Arnold goes to the gay bar to solicit the help of the guy he saved at the beginning of the movie. The guy is wearing a white shirt and a vest black/gold lamay. During their conversation he takes off the vest, then it cuts to another bartender. When it cuts back the guy has the vest on, another shot and the vest is off again.

Continuity mistake: If the bullets from the super gun move at just under the speed of light, how come the bad guys can't hit him or the girl? The bullets would arrive almost instantaneously and that would mean minimal compensation for them running. Plus the guy had them locked on when he shot.

Continuity mistake: Even aside from the ridiculous recoil that a railgun would cause (yeah, I know they don't use gunpowder, but there's got to be SOME opposite movement, surely), how come when the darts (bullets, whatever) go straight through people, they still get thrown backwards? The passage straight through them means minimal energy being transferred to them, and as such they shouldn't be hurled backwards that much.

Factual error: The bad guys are able to close in on Vanessa Williams at the end by tracing the signal Arnie sends to her beeper. How could they triangulate her location through a passive, receptive device? Maybe if it was a cell phone, but not a pager.

Eraser mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Arnold gives the girl a credit card, he slides the card to give her credit, but the magnetic strip is facing the wrong way.

Continuity mistake: At the end, right before the train crashes into the limo, the back of the limo is facing the blocking rail. However, after the train hits the limo, the front half of the car is right next to the rail, and the rear half is nowhere to be seen.

Continuity mistake: After the court scene, when Arnold and Vanessa are making their exit toward the van, they get in, the van explodes and the camera pans to the underside of the van, showing Arnold pulling a manhole cover closed. The manhole cover was not there when they showed the van from a distance and they didn't have enough time to get in the van and escape through the bottom. Also, because several seconds passed before he closed the manhole cover you would have to assume he was still above ground when the bomb went off, therefore killing him.

Continuity mistake: When Arnold is hanging under the parachute the plane tries to hit him and he shoots at the plane, breaking the glass of the cockpit windows. When the plane lands later on, the windows are intact again.

Eraser mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Arnold dives to save the girl under the lid of a fridge. When all the drill bits are shot at him with his hand above the fridge door, none hit his hand. But in the next angle one penetrated his hand. Then in the next scene, when he's driving the van with both hands and when he swipes the credit card the wound appears and disappears.

Visible crew/equipment: When Cullen is walking down the hall towards the vault we get a camera view where the camera turns to the left, then it turns to the right. If you look closely in the window as the camera turns right you should be able to see the camera man moving.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning outside Johnny's house we see one of the bad guys closing the curtains. When it cuts to a shot from inside the house he close the curtains again.


Continuity mistake: It's astonishing that Arnold still has a gun after he jumps out of the plane since he didn't holster it before he jumped. Still he pulls it out of his holster before he shoots the plane and during the shootout in the zoo. It's also pretty strange that this weapon, a Desert Eagle .357, fits into the holster, since Arnie's first pistol (the one the young Marshal was shot with) is much smaller. Another fascinating thing about the gun is the fact it has a maximum capacity of nine bullets plus one in the chamber but Arnie fires about 15 or 16 times.

Revealing mistake: At the end right before the van blows up, we see John and the girl get in to it - if you look very closely, John disappears at the exact second the door closes.

Sol Parker

Revealing mistake: When Arnold is in the plane and throws his belt buckle-knife at the traitor. The next shot shows that it bounces off and continues to spin. Pretty obvious that it's held up by a wire.

Eraser mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Arnie jumps from the plane, notice the stunt double. He weighs about half of what Arnie would, and has no muscles.

Factual error: When Arnie shoots out the cockpit window, first of all the glass seems about as thick as a Coke bottle which in reality it isn't. Secondly it shatters like one, not like the modern safety glass which it would be made of.

David Mercier

Revealing mistake: During the NYC Zoo fight where the giant crocodiles come out for action, when the crocodiles devour the first bad guy he is very obviously CGI. His head is twice as big as his body, looking really ridiculous.


Factual error: When the bad guys are looking through walls with the rail gun's scope the light on the gun shines through the wall, but in real life it doesn't do that unless you are looking through a window.

Factual error: After removing the first parachute, Arnold uses the emergency one. However, when he deploys it, he is only a few hundred feet off of the ground. At this height, the parachute would do nothing except possibly snap Arnold's spine.

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A projectile hitting the air at near the speed of light" (about 334,800,000 MPH) would instantly vaporise in a huge, blinding flash from the ridiculously intense frictional heating that would occur at such an enormous velocity in the atmosphere. The energy released would probably kill the shooter and anyone standing anywhere near him. Makes for a good movie effect though.


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