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The Day After Tomorrow

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The Day After Tomorrow: Trailer B Source: TrailerAddict

The Day After Tomorrow: Trailer Source: TrailerAddict

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Vice President Becker: I don't accept that abandoning half of the country is necessary!
Tom Gomez: Maybe if you'd listened to him sooner, it wouldn't be.
Vice President Becker: Bullshit! It's easy for him to suggest this plan. He's safely here in Washington.
Tom Gomez: His son is in Manhattan. I just thought you should know that before you start questioning his motives.



When the International Space Station is shown, it's spinning. The space station doesn't spin. The centrifugal force would create gravity on all the outer sides of the space station - and make it impossible to dock other modules.



Before the film was released, N.A.S.A. sent a memo out to all of its employees stating that they were not allowed to comment on the likelihood of the events portrayed in this movie.